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Marijuana, Peter Haskell, New York discussed on Michael Wallace and Steve Scott


Lines between Grand Central and Atlantic avenue as well as Stanton island buses and three stocks took a hit today, after investors got spooked by President Trump's threat to hit Mexico, New tariffs until it stops legal immigrants from crossing the southern border marijuana legal legalization could bring in millions in tax revenues. But some people are worried about public safety and health issues today. The mayor weighed in on that debate, touch, and go is the phrase, mayor de Blasio uses to describe the chances. Marijuana will be legalized in New York state this time. Around you here people in Albany, saying it's not going to be on the agenda this year. It is. One form or another form. Soon to press, this case, I think it's really important, but the mayor on is WNYC broadcast said it has to be done in the right manner. Out in December whole plan about how to legalize marijuana properly in a way that enhances that takes into account real health issues of at makes fair to communities, and particularly focuses on economic empowerment, the mayor, adding if marijuana is legalized and is he put it the same old corporate structures takeover. It will actually be a step backwards. Rich lamb WCBS, NewsRadio eight eighty four sixteen at WCBS antisemitic. Cra feeding has been found outside the Jewish children's museum in Brooklyn. Peter Haskell with the story for me. This is personal divorced. Helpers ten pound of museum after her sixteen year old centauri was murdered in an anti-semitic attack in nineteen Ninety-four. This is where my son spirit lives. It's his legacy right here, someone left a message on an interactive sign outside reading Hitler is coming his his to thankful to the museum's vision. It's about teaching tolerance promoting tolerance. And. Acceptance covers Tim his third time the museum has been targeted in crown heights. Peter hence, gold WCTC has NewsRadio eight eighty a New Jersey man has been sentenced to life in prison for raping and murdering his eleven year old neighbor twenty year old Andrea Cerezo admitted in February two fatally stabbing Abigail Smith. Gainsbourg 2017, seventeen Raza will now have to serve eighty five percent of his sentence, or roughly, sixty four years before he'd be eligible for parole. The death of an upstate New York man is being restrained by state troopers who was being restrained has prompted the attorney general to call for body cameras for state police. Letitia Tisch, James says body cameras would have given a more complete record of the incident in her report on the investigation into the twenty eighteen death James found the police restraint was reasonable and justified the medical examiner ruled the death was caused by acute cocaine intoxicated. With cardiovascular disease as a contributing factor for eighteen WCBS time for traffic.

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