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I remember i listened to a back outside a not. I'm still not one hundred percent shoul- like it's great. I know i've got my family support. But what what's the what's the lodge world gonna think about this particular. I definitely not a public figure out. But i'm very well nigh. I like to pre well ninety now industry and we touched on this at stylish episode. Everyone knows everyone and solace like she'd am. I just am i just airing a bit too much dirty laundry and this gonna cause issues for. It's this gonna cause an issue for work. Or and and i knew i probably knew like my work. It wasn't going to cause an issue but you know it's it's a small industry and and you know they wouldn't be hard for people to connor. That's the depression god. He's a fucking lunatic. I don't wanna work with him. Taught thing so. I'd be lying about said. There was an element. There was an element of that that conduct creeping in. But my my mom and dad in particular would like you've listened. You've listened to it before went public and said listen. You have to tell the story like you just dis- dis- needs to be heard on know like i've seen you suffer in silence that this will help the celts. One person damage job and it launched and Either wyoming fade back support and paypal. All of a sudden opening up to me was just it. Blew me it absolutely like i'm still flow. I get goosebumps now talking about it. That that podcast launched i emphasizing. I wake april last year and the the outpouring of support Was just incredible and then that turned into three episodes light. I spoke publicly about the. And you've you've read the letter. There's no talk about the suicide it anything else. And i hadn't even planned talk about it and and i remember just sitting across from looteries my best might and he's just bowling is out because he just felt bad that he didn't know any felt bad that i didn't sign anything and it was kind of old pot of his whole journey about like i couldn't tell people to open up to me and talked me about problems if i wasn't being honest with them and and i just chose the public forum of podcasting to do it like you can have all is benefits that i had telling you close friends or your parents or your family ed. It was just it was. It was just a very cathodic. Nine minutes and i knew after that episode in particular..

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