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Used as a test bed to kind of carry forward these new developments it does seem like a deliberate attempt to just try and I and out with the instabilities at the front end so you can get the skill drivers unless platform to wet with Sergio who've points when he can consensual regular points I quite long spell they're really struggling with the exception of he's been very very difficult even I think Peres and particularly has been driving a pretty well over also against Ezekiel Baker test that that changed they've made because obviously saw Jay it's not the most around circuit recite is not the most downfalls Airolo sensitive track zero big test to them now our job with yeah it's I think the last time we polled a debutante from super formula he was hundred affiliated it says there are mitigating circumstances that he wasn't awful in super formula and they wouldn't put put him forward for F- Wallace they didn't think he could do it but on the subject Nike for a minute shorts bring sergeant t but he's he's a name that sort of out in the last couple of years it's a little bit of a different catfish racing Japan maybe so he seems like the best best the moment he time Super Formula Champion and currently leading twenty.

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