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Good morning ross lots to gets you again today start start with cam newton these at it again abruptly leaving a press conference after rolling his eyes and saying next question he he just doesn't get it and i don't think at this point he ever will this is the main evently he does the next question thing a decent amount but this is at least in the last two years the third time that she such a bad look for him in the organization from the way he conducts himself in these press conferences after the super bowl that was atrocious that a couple of weeks ago you know what he said to the woman about you know how it's funny to hear a female talk about routes and now yesterday role in his eyes and say next question in walking out as somebody was asking a question it's just it's really disappointing frankly from my perspective 'cause i know there's a lot of high school kids that look up to him and please please please don't offer any excuses i've heard it all their answering are asking dumb questions look nine i didn't get asked me questions cam know was starting quarterback but we all get ask them questions you just answer him anything that was a dump questioned by the way but you just answer it's just part of the job every other quarterback in the nfl is figured it out of the him world rather i'd rather markor back a uh a sore loser than a content than their content moves or dude what what are you talking about you think braiding these other guys want to talk to the media after they lose.

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