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Yes. The movie ends up being a little too serious, I think for its own good. Yeah. Basically, trying to make a family drama at like absurd over the top action movie. Yeah, but like you could have gone the route of, you know, because obviously the central aspect of the movies, this gigantic tower, this amazing he'll feed of architecture, which is really cool in its idea like like sure the building, but like you know, the the character really didn't the villain. I mean, didn't really have any like. Specific reason to not care about this building. It was only because the owner and this other, this is flash drive contained information about his crime, syndicates them things right. There was no that grow connection to the building, which I think you could have made a little bit more compelling of a villain who had some kind of, you know, view on globalization of how this new billions of factored into the world Konomi or have some. And that's thing. You'll have to make that good dislike right truck, some crap up. A tie it to some larger idea may be, I don't know. It all kind of felt like we're just trying to get more scenes of rock jumping around Schorr and so, well, you know, it's weird that this movie wasn't as funny as we thought it would be. You know, I don't know if you saw the name of the guy who directed it actually row ender acted Rawson Marshall Thurber he did dodgeball and where the Miller. Yeah, he's tour the tour later and director this vision here. But yeah, you would think that the guy who made dodgeball would have taken this concept in really made it ridiculous. I mean, there's a couple of alright jokes in there. But I mean for the most part, it is just deadly serious all time. Yeah, you know what I think is it's. You look at dodge ball and you think, oh, well, this, there's a self awareness about these filmmakers, obviously making fun of in their poking fun at things in there really in tune. But I think in this instance, my gut is that says that they wanted to do a throwback to the eighties, nineties action film, and that kind of those were really absurd for the most part. They were like ridiculous. Sure. But there was a period of time where we took them pretty seriously. They weren't funny. They were just they were bought them. It was kind of before the age of hyper realism that we're in now could get away with Senator tough thing to capture. You know, in today's world will we are more little more desensitized. We want more realism just by nature. It's what we're what was been consuming. And then you try to really do an honest like I'm gonna go make an eighties movie of today, and you think I'm gonna make it serious. There's real stakes here, quote on quote, it is all kind of falls apart. It's really the movies fault more than as the audience. Is this the time for this type of movie? Do we really need like. An honest look in the eighties action movie and it's like, no, yeah, we didn't. That's that's an interesting point. It's almost like this is a really good case of people never really knowing what it is that they want. You know, always complaining about something and it's like, you know, not not to give them too much credit, although I did. I did like it a little bit, but you know, it's kind of, yeah, case of like the if we wanted the comedy and it was too funny, we probably would have been complaining about that. Yeah, the hunting suck myself included. I mean, it's like we are very needy and we don't accept things as they are. I mean, we always want that's, I mean, that's from the internet age. I was reading an interesting article about because it's the ten. Today's they actually tenth year anniversary of dark Knight. Yeah, that's ten years to the day it was released and how it changed the landscape of like if you didn't call it perfect..

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