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With me as always are Tesla and Atalay Ashida calling in from New York calling in from New York and joining us live in the studio our guest today. Elaine con La Lillian. Elaine is the author of ROMANCE FOR THE END. A new book of poetry out now and it's Valentine's Day today and it's spooky February on night call so and he's the most erotic day of the the. Most thrilling Leah Roddick Day. I did actually walk down Hollywood Boulevard and note that people were going into all the sex shops today. The Hustler store was bustling with activities linen. Bustling as we were going to take a night call just off the bat and I call it canes longtime listener first-time caller since you guys are doing romance team on for everywhere. I thought maybe cool to call in about one of my favorite smut peddlers of all time and things like nine and a half weeks. Red Shoe diaries a while working most the time in collaboration with his wife. Perjure show easy out the idea of software and usually around you where she described their selves together is thrillers. I'm wondering if you could talk about some of your favorite emotional thrillers. I know nine and a half weeks came up in your erotic honesty but I can be sexy gone. I've been thinking a lot about this. I wrote about it.

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