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Year Pro is in his first year with New York I'm at Madison and Picture Phil Niekro has died after battling cancer. He was 81 years old. Here, she w o r Weather Channel forecast Milder forest Monday, then cold air returns as we head through mid week rain in the forecast as we look towards Thursday and into the start of a new year, increasing clouds force here overnight temperatures in the low to mid thirties cloudy skies for Monday, although we will see some sun Shine makes him through the afternoon. It'll be milder upper forties mix of clouds in sunshine and upper thirties for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Meteorologist Ken Boon from the Weather Channel on 7 10 w o R cloudy and 37. This coast to Coast AM continues with your next update of four breaking news at once. Stand today with Len Burman and Michael Riedel in the Morning 6 to 10 today I'm Steve Greenfield on 7 10 w. O. R in NBC News radio station. Yes, that was it. Okay, Walk me walking. 00 my legacy. Want from coast to coast and worldwide on the Internet. This is coast to coast. A M. With George nap now, Here's George. What I lied to you. That's any Lennox of theories mix just saying that's song out. We're moving on to our next guest in.

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