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At ninety four point five and this is the critical one because R. A. M. signaled and get up to the north very well but in Pasco listen on ninety nine point one FM from holiday all the way up to Spring Hill so that is very important if you had by the way any concerns I want to put this note out there as well Jack if you've had any concerns on the updates we although we've been talking about it every morning on the Gandhi Salman expressway if that's something that's impacted your commute or you have any concerns you want to express Natalie's putting a link on the blog because tonight they are going to have a virtual town hall meeting and I'm talking of course of Tampa Hillsborough expressway authority that virtual meeting tonight six thirty so you don't have to leave your couch you can watch it I'll be a part of it at home and they're gonna be talking about the some various projects but one of those is of course the Gandhi Salman expressway we're gonna put the link to that virtual town hall meeting on our blog yeah that's a good thing because it is so questionable as to what's happening and of course at one time we were told that this will be completed by the fall of twenty twenty and now they're saying the summer of twenty twenty one this first of all there's there's my problem right now I think there's some lack of transparency issues where there's transparency issues were not getting the full scope of the project because I mean we're we know the details but like you said why are we hearing delays why are we hearing delays of why are you setting a goal and then actually getting close to that goal yeah and that's a long delay but my biggest concern really and I'm gonna buy me to be on the virtual may be taking place apartment tonight I'm gonna be watching it because I want to see sometimes I go over and I hope the correct this there's some elevated portions of the expressway when you're driving let's say from where we are Gandhi to downtown there's elevated portions and when you go over those portions you can't see the other side until you get to the top of it and when you do they're doing road work it's two lanes for someone else press way and they'll cut off one of the lanes with the with Colin still starting as a diagonal line to cut off the lane sometimes they cut it off right over that that little elevated portion and you can't see it until you get up there so if there's a flow of traffic I'm just I just fear the the the worst when it comes to that so that's something I'm gonna be voicing tonight yeah and well you might might voice they need to do westbound on the westbound lanes what they've done on the eastbound lanes and that is cover those little ditches up because those are pretty bad bumps that you go over when you're going westbound now eastbound they've got him covered up there a couple of ditches there and they fill them in very nicely you may be proxy for you now yeah you'll have to do it it's six sixteen we go to the news German Chris trackman.

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