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I think you referenced that in the last week or two i don't think i got it either time easter candy bar there was a movie called looking for mr good bar which i believe is a woman divorce say who's going to bars and bengal kleber maybe diane keaton diane keaton li i could barely hear you gentleman who lives downstairs them alive no no don knotts is dead and now who who played but but i will i will info you're getting closer though this was a sitcom guy on a sitcom seven and i will say this huge huge sitcom huge sitcom hell linden this person very very famous at the time for the show oh jay jay walker yeah well yeah he's good buddies with byron i figured i mean i kind of sumed after i saw both maybe that's why and maybe the only guy they're not dressed up in any way at all he was most recently in the news for i think dating and coulter zone what true that up i'm pretty sure that's right i don't remember where i heard that but i also heard wonderful why would you how could you date that sir jimmy's i've only had nice experiences with mr walker you open for them.

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