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New Orleans mayor latoya Cantrell's administration saying it hired former US attorney can police law firm to look into corruption in the department of safety in permits be for the hard rock hotel collapsed and the original intent of hiring the firm wasn't to look into the collapse but a public records request by our partners at W. W. LTV finds something different according to W. W. well TV investigative reporter David hammer the first official document detailing the firm's hiring was November first weeks after the hard rock hotel collapsed and the letter specifically mentions the hard rock on the letter that says we need to go outside of the normal procurement process to hire these guys it actually says hard racked hard rock hotel collapse investigation the city said there were informal talks about safety in permits with the law firm that it started before the October twelfth collapse Chris Miller WW well first news the New Orleans city council held their first regular meeting of the month and among the important issues on the agenda how the city will fund the skyrocketing hard rock collapse expenses councilmember Jogia Russo telling WWL TV's Sheba Turk the city has some money available this gonna have to look at some of the money that we have on hand you know we did fall some of the militants forward on some of the issues that we had so we're gonna have to look at our general fund we're gonna have to look at other places we have some surpluses that are built into the budget that with a big meeting about so in a billion dollar budget to really be able to find a couple million is is not that big a deal how can I start getting to ten twenty million dollars that then it becomes much bigger problem you got to start figuring out how you can allocate your resources the cost for the city to to secure the hard rock collapse site currently sits at eleven point six million dollars the day after the impeachment trial ends a special report from CBS news CBS news special report this is sort of a day of celebration because we went through hell president trump is speaking out the day after the Senate acquitted him of two articles of impeachment it was evil it was corrupted was dirty cops it was leakers and liars speaker Nancy Pelosi said Mr trouble where the impeach label forever and Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer suggested the president is not exonerated from charges of abusing his office and obstructing Congress to cover up orchestrated by the president and executed by Senate Republicans means his acquittal vote has no value CBS news political analyst lettering Stein worn on what's ahead he is given up all pretense of bi partisanship and collegiality he's become a supporter an advocate for half the country an opponent and critic of the other half CBS news update on Pam Coulter federal officials today gave a presentation to New Orleans leaders on the so called digital divide and wealth disparities Gordon a bargain with the Federal Reserve Bank told The New Orleans city council is taking steps to make sure everyone has access to the internet is key local governments have a lot of rights and responsibilities and making sure that people are connected she says investment in fiber optic networks and public wifi are key along with affordability programs training technical assistance and workforce development says it all contributes to fighting poverty top ten percent of households by income now own fifty seven percent of all wealth Dave co in WW well first news people in New Orleans now have a new and easy way to get around the city today city leaders unveiled a little unveiled electrically assisted blue bikes the bikes have an electric motor to give the rider an added boost on long rides however the faster bikes do cost you right now you pay ten cents a.

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