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Just say. House like chloroform. Mark of the masks that we mark of the mask. So let's do it right but the whole the whole thing is the end ninety five on mark of the ask. You is beautiful. And that's how we that's how we produce. We produced the show on the floor on the show. It's marker seven This was another thing Said specifically and ninety. Five's you're crazy. Don't where am now. it's just common sense. Common sense with religion. He was a bunch of these guys. Don't wear a mask mess. You don't need at ninety five. You're not a doctor. And they went on and on at the beginning of this whole thing back in march the about the mass here. Listen to it right now. In the united states people should not be walking around with masks. You're sure of it because people are listening really know closely to this now. People should not be like. There's no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you're in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet providing the perfect protection that people think that it is often. They're unintended consequences. People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face. Then can you get some schmitz's staying inside their force of course but when you think masks you should think of healthcare providers needing them and people who are ill okay. So he's full of shit. I mean we don't even need to really go into it. He's clearly contradicting myself. He's never given an appropriate answer and he even when he gets called to task when he On the mat to account what he said the mo fo gets a pass like no one else's business and i'm props to the cia broadcasting system That's face the nation. Cbs correct yet. Cbs isn't it depresses nbc. Right so not only did they Grill a burks. Who of course got a pass but listen to the vaccine numbers and how foudy blatantly lies about what he said about the number of vaccines. We would be putting into arms. This is. this is a good piece of journalism. Now goes nowhere for us but pontiac sees you just drove home. That point of how important it is to get this out there. I want to play some tape here for you and get you to clarify when. Us tax payers can expect to get their back. Seen at least one hundred million covid vaccine shots into the arms of the american people in the first hundred days one hundred million shots in the first hundred days. You know the goal. That's been set. Which i believe is entirely achievable is to have a hundred million people vaccinated in the first one hundred days extremes primary and boost yes. I'm marie hundred. Yes so dr. In that exchange you seem to be promising a bit more than the president is. Can you just bottom line at how many people will be fully vaccinated within one hundred days. Yeah so so. Let me clarify that because there was a little bit of a misunderstanding or really. I heard very clearly what he said. Sounds like everybody's getting all their vaccines and the boost and boost and the boost one hundred million americans. That was clear. There's there's no information no there's no The russia house. You can explain this one away. I'm very excited to hear this. Yes oh so. Let me clarify that because there was a little bit of a misunderstanding What we're talking about is a hundred million shots in individuals so a shots as in other words when you get down to. Let's say a certain part of the hundred days at the end of one hundred days you're gonna have some people who will have gotten both shots and some with still be on their first shots with the president is saying a hundred million shots in the arms of people within one hundred days. Reportedly the turned transition team projections. Are that. that's more like sixty seven million people by april by the end of one hundred days inaccurate number right if that is well. I haven't done the math myself. But it sounds very much like the accuracy. I'm the top scientists in the world on immunology. And i haven't done the math what. I haven't done the math so hard for me to consider how many people get the vaccine. Is this this. Is he's pathological. Reportedly trained transition team projections are that. That's more like sixty seven million people by april by the end of days. Is that accurate number. Yeah that is well. I have a very much like the accurate number where you're having people who will have gotten two doses and then some that are still on their first dose so of course it never never does say i was wrong that would that would that would do it for me like i was wrong. I died misunderstanding and It's actually a month later than the trump administration promised one hundred million vaccines anyway. Nothing is made easy by president. Joe biden goes just not making life easy for the writers for the script writers. The producers got their hands in the hair. That director is walking off at the man. Can't deliver a line. These two steps are going to help. Increase our prospects of hitting or exceeding. God willing the ambitious goal of one hundred million shots in one hundred days. I also want to be clear. One hundred million shots in one hundred days is not the end. Point is just the start. We're not stopping there. The end goal is to beat cova nine thousand nine hundred and the way we do that is getting more people vaccinated which maze. We have to be ready after we hit the ground. After hit the goal of one hundred million shots in one hundred days now that means fewer than one hundred billion people getting told me vaccinated means one hundred shots and it means somewhere between sixty maybe less. Maybe more million people will have the because it requires two shots in many cases. Not always so today. I'm directing covid nineteen response coordinator jeff science here to work with the department of health and human services increase our total supply of vaccine for the american people. I think he said ten billion in here somewhere. A one hundred million shots in one hundred days. Now maybe nuts. But here's a couple of things should be noted. What did he mean when he says you don't need to shots all the time today to these. Are binary shots you need two of them one to get started the second one to kill you and and then we led to alleged on any clips of this. But i'll just tell you what they've been a bit. Local are locals around here have said the following gotta get second shot within a three week or two week timeframe whatever the timeframe is and if you can't get another one of the same type take the other high you take him or during no way..

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