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Starts is almost their way of trying to make sure to ground doesn't fall into that same pattern of a year ago where he relies. Is on one guy and Mickey four that had nothing to do with that. It was just coincidence. And so I do think it's going to settle in here where more often than not since Wilson Ramos is the starting catcher on his team. Wilson Ramos is going to be the kind of catches ground like give to whoever wants, honestly. But you know, what here's an listen Tomas Nido is actually a well regarded defensive catcher in the organizations mind, but you saw zero at the plate with Tomas Nido pitch. Maybe the best game of his career. I really do think that the graph is the type of guy. Yeah. He likes throwing them as Rocco, but he is good enough that it really shouldn't matter if he's on who's back there, Steve gal. I just feel like of all the people. You don't want to mess around with like, you know, just give to who wants. Anyway. This was interesting. See we had Hankas area big time Mets fan big time. You know scarred. Mets fan we're talking about Pete Alonzo, and we're talking about like when will you see enough to believe like believe for real, you know, because we lived through Ike Davis. That's fan Sar. So he hits two more home runs yesterday. Bond was the kind of garbage time. But what do you want to see from Alonzo where you would give Mets fans like the thumbs up the green light to be like, all right? This guy's for real thing. I always look for with any of these big prospects the same as you know, when Conforto came up and looked like he was unstoppable.

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