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At present director Sondra Locke. Oh, Clint Eastwood's who was nominated for an Academy Award for her. First film first film role in the nineteen sixty eight movie heart is a lonely hunter there. She is ex- ninety six dot com slash live. She went on to co star in six films with Clint Eastwood she has died. She died November third. We're just hearing about it at her Los Angeles home of cardiac arrest stemming from breast and bone cancer who poured into a death certificate obtained by the Associated Press. She was seventy four authorities were promptly notified at the time. But her death was not publicized until radar online. I reported yesterday. It's not clear why it took nearly six weeks to come to light. She was pretty much a recluse. And I think she'd had some mental health problems. She she grew up in Tennessee where she worked at a radio station and appeared in a handful of plays before winning a nationwide talent search in nineteen sixty seven to be cast opposite. Leading man, Alan Arkin in the movie adaptation of Carson mccullers nineteen forty novel. The heart is a lonely hunter, it's a it's a really touching movie. If you ever get a chance to see it. She would win raves for the role along with nominations for a Golden Globe and an Oscar, but that you're both of those the Golden Globe. And the Oscar went to Ruth Gordon for her role in Rosemary's, baby. Which was a very a very flashy and very good role. Gordon was great. She had none. Run of unmemorable film and TV roles and then she met Clint Clint Eastwood on the set of the outlaw Josey Wales he directed that. And he starred in it, and then and then he and Sondra Locke were romantically involved. And for the next several years Clint Eastwood directed an starting a bunch of movies that she was his co star in and then they had a relationship. And and then all of a sudden, they didn't have a relationship. She said he one day, she came home. When Oliver stuff was on the sidewalk, I'm done with you. She sued him for palimony and fraud. And they there was I don't know that Lee Marvin was the first palimony law suit. But I think she did get a pretty good settlement. Because she said we had not only a relationship, but we had a movie deal. Oh, we had a big movie deal. And he said, no, we don't have it anymore and she sued him for fraud. And she got a pretty big settlement. Good for. She also directed a movie. After that called rat. Boy. Which I think she also starred in. I can't remember any just flopped horribly here, but it got huge reviews in Europe. And was very well. Thought of in Europe. That's all I remember about it. And I I don't I have never seen it. But it was kind of an odd very off the wall strange movie, and then she just kind of faded out of sight. And that was the last thing she ever really did did some TV stuff after that. Anyway, Sandra walk. She was seventy four. I think you know, there's a Utah zone post Malone. Yes. He's kind of that rap was kinda guy kind of an odd guy young guy. But you know, he seems people seem to like him. Yes. There's just one thing he won't wear you the crocs. We know that. Yes. Anywheres, you know onesies, but he won't wear fringe. Isn't that weird? No fringe for him. He has a no fringe fringe policy says the the woman who clothes him. He said I tried to get him to wear some fringe. And he says, wait a minute. There's someone that clothes him, Joey there's someone now he likes to design his own staff. And and, but there is there is a woman who presents him with a designer kind of. She's a Schieffer I who herself as a designer or a clothier, and she I present him with a bunch of outfits, and and he picks them so choice. No, fringe, she. I tried to get him into some fringe, casual we all have we all have our fringe and says, Nope. Nope. Can't those meatballs away from me? We'll have our things. That's me. That's me. That was me right there or French. Yeah. He's he's out of the way. I am with the meat balls used with the fringe, let's at least fifty bomb threats demanding bitcoin payments were made in businesses in cities across Utah and indeed across the whole country. I think wow. Thursday afternoon Park City, west valley, south Salt Lake south, Jordan, Murray, Draper, cash county, price Dixie state, university were among those confirmed to have received threats law enforcement agencies and dispatchers reported. There were reports from readers across the state that indicate that threats were more widespread. The park record news organization in Park City said several staff members received an Email bomb threat just before eleven AM and quickly called police. Police responded to investigate schools in the area were briefly placed on lockdown shortly afternoon Park City police determined the threat was a hoax employees returned to the building. The Email the park record received came from the Email address. Marcus at whiteboard. Guru dot com. According to the park record editor Bubba Brown. And then there were they demanded the transfer of twenty thousand dollars in bitcoin or the anonymous sender would detonate a bomb inside the building. The Email did not seem specific to the park record or Park City. However, like, the same message was sent to just everywhere. You know in across the country, a number of states across the United States received a similar bomb threats. According to NBC, our listener in Saint Louis says I covered two of those bomb threats in Saint Louis meal. She's a news photographer for a local TV. Yeah. There it all started with. Let's see this is this is a very bizarre story started with a posting on the anonymous social media app whisper need help nineteen f for female the message radical. According to court documents Salem police chief, Greg Smith at Salem, Utah. That's my hometown. Yeah. Saw the message and he responded and soon enough the apparent nineteen year old female wrote back kill my ex-fiancee. He's trying to get custody of our daughter. Oh, jeez. L officer Smith unravelled the case he learned that the poster was not a nineteen year old female, it was the ex boyfriend himself. And now that man has been charged in what court documents say was a suicide attempt. Officers miss all the post in October over the next few days. He and the man then posing as his ex girlfriend message back and forth. The poster claimed the murder was motivated by child custody dispute. The to ultimately agreed the job would be done for five thousand dollars to be paid. Once she collected life insurance from the death. The poster also offered up television XBox and PlayStation is compensation. Police contacted the man during the investigation saying that it appeared his ex girlfriend was trying to have him murdered. During interviews the man allegedly indicated the girlfriend's brother might also be involved in the plot. But he made it all up in doing surveillance for the case officer Smith noticed the man's ex was never on her phone when he would get messages. From the poster officer Smith later connected. The man's IP address with the original post figured out. It was actually him. And he said I was trying to I was trying to get you to kill me. Oh suicide by side by cop. Uncle Joe's in town yesterday. Yes. So Biden speaking to the university of Utah students the Steph, and Dr Paul were in attendance. And of course, everybody was hoping he might say something about running for president Donald early and he didn't the university of Glasgow. University of Glasgow. Scotland has done a study about lowering the legal blood alcohol. Limit for drivers in Scotland. And they had found that it has no impact on the number of road. Traffic accidents. I bring this up because. On midnight, December thirty first the blood alcohol. Limit here in Utah goes two point. Oh five. Yep. The research led by the university of Glasgow and published in Lancet evaluated. The impact of a change in legislation which incur occurred in Scotland in December of two thousand fourteen when the blood alcohol concentration limit for drivers was reduced to fifty GD L, whatever, you know. Yeah. It's about this about as low as what ours is the study was undertaken in collaboration with the national health of Scotland said it so they've studied it for a number of years now, it's had no impact on drunk driving statistics zero impact sports, weather traffic. When your fend for itself. Get it to Gerber Gerber collision and glass five area. Locations to serve you. Visit Gerber collision dot com. Get it to Gerber. Why I I watched football game last night between the chiefs and the chargers. Yes. So how's that that chiefs quarterback Mahomes is amazing? So did he do amazing things last night? I mean, he did they ended up losing. But he did amazing things. He does these things where you think for anybody else that play is over it's done. And he hangs in there and hangs in there and able to get the ball off and connected and the receiver catches it. He does amazing things you get the ball off. You're doing pretty well. Yeah. I mean when he's like being tackled and going down, and he can still get he's going out of bounds. He did it. But the chargers had a two point conversion just right at the end of the game. And it was enough to get them up by just one point one was a fake field goal attempt. Right. It was just think they they went. They went for David. After two point. And they ended up and they won. It was a it was a good game. The chiefs are still in the playoffs. It didn't affect that. And the jazz. We'll see they play tomorrow. They'll be in Orlando, and it's an early game three o'clock in the afternoon gets the magic. Whether it's forty degrees today, partly sunny, we still have a pretty good air. So that's good. But still limit your Aisling. An unnecessary driving. If you can k- crash westbound, I eighty four nineteenth south, this isn't south Weaver crash. Eastbound I eighty four mountain green. Those are the only accidents. I'm gonna check our message stream quickly and see if any of the program have let us know. I don't see anything there. But if you see something you wanna share it with everybody, and it's safe to do. So text it to us three three nine eight six. Thank you very much nervous. Why? Well, I'm a nice shirt today. And I was hoping maybe this would be cancelled what I'm going to going to lunch with some women today. Why are you hoping it would be came on? Because I don't know that's kind of nervous about it. Because I it it's not a job interview. What does this is just one woman? I'd be okay. But how many women are you? I'm not sure how many will be there at least three maybe more at least three are these women. You know? Yeah. So so so couple of weeks ago a cat Palmer. Artists photographer and so forth. Just chatting with her via text. And I said, well, we should you know. I haven't seen her for awhile. We should have one Sean time. And she said, okay. How about the fourteenth? Whoa, locate. Yeah. Okay. I'm yeah. Okay. The forty okay, we'll do it at twenty seven. And I said, okay. Okay. That'll be good at noon fourteen. And she said how about we invite a IB from boost ticket, and how about and all of a sudden it turned into this thing where I know it's going to be Ivy and demands a narrow sand a cat Palmer. And I and I and I think maybe some other women and I. But this isn't like, this is just a a social gathering. It's not a. Yeah. I guess. Yeah. It is. But I mean, it's just I don't know. How I now. I'm going to have to be entertaining. No. You don't. It's people Bill put on the night shirt. You mean a shirt with buttons? Yeah. Okay. I mean, a nicer shirt that day. No. But I know what you're acting like it's a day. Sedate? I just think I'm going to have to be real should he button, my shirt up more than this? I can't see. Because that's a little low. Yeah. I don't like the placement of those buttons on that. Because because without it. It's too low and with that it's a little high. You know, I don't I don't like the button placement. It's too high that way women are going to talk about it. Did you see the button placement on Bill shirt? Now, are you are you paying for? Talk a twenty-seven downtown what you should do. This is what I do with noon Takuya twenty-seven..

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