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Victims. And we'll be working with the coroner's office to do that, as promptly as possible. One of the victims was veteran police officer Eric Talley, who was the first law enforcement officer on the scene. Governor Abbott is voicing concerns about the conditions at some federally run shelters holding migrant Children in Texas. Thank state leaders are worried about perimeter security and the poor water quality at the Midland facility. This just shows how completely Ill prepared the body administration WASP for what turned out to be an overwhelming tidal wave of the number of migrants who were coming across the border, and they're on Lee expected to increase in the coming days and months. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas says the administration is working with our southern neighbor to deal with the surge. We are working with Mexico to increase Mexico's capacity. To receive the expelled families. The border is secure. The border is closed. We've been unequivocal in that federal government says it's providing water bottles to migrants being held at the middle in facility while water quality is being monitored. Dallas police are searching for the driver who ran over a woman during an argument in Uptown early Monday morning. Investigators say 21 year old Jasmine Assan land into a man's car when the driver pushed the gas and took off, causing her to fall into the road before she was hit. Witnesses say the man is in his early twenties and drove a white Camaro. Police are hoping surveillance footage from local businesses can help identify the suspect. In the double D B A P News desk. I Nicolo say your next update is at 5 30 24 7 coverage at WB ap dot com Way just couldn't find it tonight, Man. We kept looking forward looking for looking for it. You could just see it on a man. We just couldn't give you still a credit to that. They took away a lot of stuff. They made us finish at the rim. Um Andre just couldn't get it done. Didn't get it done. The Abilene Christian's coach, Joe Gelding. After they were eliminated from the inside That boy basketball tournament by U C l A good morning from our Mercedes Benz of playing US forces come Steve Lamb. The Wildcat shocked the world when the upset Texas last Saturday night in Indianapolis. That magic they had for that game against. The Longhorns have never showed up against the Bruins after they lose 67 to 47 That leaves only two teams from our state still in the sweet, 16, Baylor and Houston. Tough day for the two teams airplane from the Big 12, Oklahoma and Kansas Sooners got pounded by Gonzaga, Kansas was crushed by you see USC and out in Arizona. The Rangers only have a few days left of Cactus League play before they returned home to continue getting ready for the Regular season opener a week from this Thursday when they'll be in Kansas City skipper Chris Woodward still hasn't named Ronald Boozman as a starting first baseman. But he's getting close. I'll just say he's playing well. He's done a good job at this point on this, and we're still evaluating night. There are sometimes they still want consistency, and he's only got a few more opportunities to show he has what the manager want. They'll continue. Getting ready again in Arizona, and then we'll return home and then one week from Thursday Open up against the Kansas City Royals. It's going to be here before you know it that you're looking Sports. I'm Steve Land. This'd the W B a P Morning use with Nicolo Say, and Steve Lambs, News and Sports updates at the top and 30 past each hours, weekend weather on the ones.

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