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It's very much the same experience, except for those slight differences, the problem I have with it is, okay, you bought this thing and now they want, it just went up recently, $44 a month. Actually get the subscription. Now, you can certainly use the thing without that subscription, but then you're not getting all the benefit of it, and I think you, Jim, actually, signed up for just the app, which is an option also. For a while, right? I think I did it a couple of times actually when I enjoyed the times, it never translated to my workouts here at home. We had a stationary bike at work, not and not even close to peloton. But I would put my phone up on that had a little phone stand on it, and I would watch the workouts. And I'd get, I mean, I got some pretty good workouts in just using the app and I think that's 15, maybe 12, 15 a month to just subscribe to their workouts. Yeah, 12.99. You know, anyone that's ever said, I'm going to the gym to ride the stationary bike. It's very easy to sit there and do next to nothing. Just turn in the pedals. Taking in the view at the gym. So I find it very helpful to have the structure of their workouts and they've got a whole bunch of different kinds of workouts, but part of it is for me, it seems expensive at 44 because it's just me. I'm the only one riding the bike, and they do offer a lot of other things. You've got the treadmill stuff, I think there's weight training, there's yoga in there, and you can actually have the entire household with accounts. So, you know, if you've got three or four people in the household, then the 44 doesn't seem as expensive. But part of the reason I liked the peloton is that they give you pretty good riding metrics, which you wouldn't have gotten, but you may have seen them on some of the gym bikes. You know, heart rate monitor. So you'll get heart rate, they'll show you your current cadence, but the thing I really like is they actually show your power output. So what is that? What does that mean? Because I've heard this term lot, right? It's not like a lightbulb watts or what does that mean? I've never been able to figure that out. So they figure the wattage and I don't know if that aside from being a measurement, I don't know how interesting the calculation of it is, but it really relates to the gear that you're in. And the RPM, right? So you could be in a lower gear with a higher RPM and that would be functionally equivalent to a high gear low RPM, but in general, what do I have here for stats a beginning cyclist might be 75 to a hundred watts per hour. Our watts in a one hour period. So you're maintaining that 75 to a hundred. You know, they say a fit person, it'll be over 100. In the Tour de France, which I know you're watching, they'll put out about 400 watts per hour. For, you know, 5 or 6 hours in a row. Those guys are crazy. That is. I don't know what inspired me to watch Tour de France. But I guess I saw one of the extended highlights of it on YouTube. Maybe it was, I think it was day two. And I started watching it, and I just thought, you know, I've never watched an entire tour. This is going to be the year. I'm going to catch the you can't watch the full version. That's 5 hours. It's way too long. But I catch the 45 minute NBC extended highlights, I think, is what they call it. They have a highlights and then an extended highlights. And already, I saw what were 12 days in and I think already like I'm like, oh, this is kind of hooked. This is kind of interesting. It's kind of fun. I think them having the summaries at the end of the day, you know, they'll edit it down to, what do they have about a 5 minute version and then a 45 minute version? Yeah. The 5s are a little short, actually. I like that 45. You don't get any of the 5. You don't get any of the drama. Yesterday was quite the drama as the yellow shirt guy. He's the key to the leader, lost, lost his shirt. And to somebody else and there's a whole bunch of drama involved. No, to be clear, he's not just riding bare chested now. I think I just ripped the yellow shirt right off of him as he passed. Have you figured out the polka dot one yet, Jim? King of the mountain is the bokeh dot green. Sprint champion or sprint? White? Is that the overall point leader? No. No, the white is a new rider. So it's sort of like The Rookie shirt, The Rookie of the race so far. And something like that. Yeah, well, and John's asking, you know, whether I try to bike within a specific heart rate zone. So that is certainly a method of training that a lot of people use. I actually do more on the power training, so they sort of define 7 different power zones. Which will get you into certain heart rate ranges, you know, if you're in zone three zone four for a sustained time then you're probably at 80% heart rate range. So the higher zones in the power training are definitely going to push you to anaerobic levels. But I kind of prefer the power because it's a set measurement, right? I don't know about you, Jim, but

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