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Well we you know we got. Beat that match your. He'd loosen tommy rich you know. Rake hand is not a not a crime because we were still on the trajectory to be packed champions. Coming up at at hadn't changed. That story was still in place. And you know a little bump along the way with those guys show big deal done hurt you the next day. You're getting a new opponent. Paul orndorff he's it'll be teaming with tommy rich. You guys get the win. It's the hugh and it's a long match. Fifteen minutes at the civic center there in canton. Ohio orndorff man. He is just a not too far away from being on top of the world. Working with hulk. Hogan for vince mcmahon. She worked in here in. May of Eighty-three what do you remember about him. Well you know. He looked looked as good as anybody. Paul was carried himself like a superstar. Handsome guy credible body credible work rate and after we worked with those guys. I saw him in the gym not too too long a day or two. After that you know he said talk to you for a minute. You know first of all enjoyed working with the night and he said i'm gonna give you some advice if you don't mind. He said a senior always in the gym. You know he said if you learn how to work you. Keep your body right and you'll learn how to talk. They will never ever be able to deny you. Avenue top spot in this business if you take care of those three things. I'd never forgot that advice. The best advice anybody ever gave me and it was a too soon. He you know he was on his way out by the anti was heading to wwf where he would have an incredible career. Let's let's talk about Another opponent that. I want to bring out pistol. Pez widely. I guess i should mention briefly you make spots through or shows through grand rapids wailing And then cincinnati. Ohio where i wanna talk about may twenty eighth Pez is going to be teaming with ray candy to take on you and matt born The goodguys pez and ray get the wind by q. Chat me up about pez. Whatley just went in the hall of fame unfortunately no longer with us. But it's tony. Shabani not have been revisiting. Nineteen eighty six man. That guy was just oozing charisma. He was so fun to watch what you remember about him as a minute. Well yeah and if you go is nicknamed pistol pez. Whatley many was shooter. Here's an credible amateur wrestler on top of that and pretty tough guy to what i could gather. I didn't see mighty mess weather. Let me put to you that way. But you're right. He had a lot of charisma. Quality work good guy just a easy to be around very accomplish worker. Very good the The other opponent that that comes across the results list here that We've never talked about. Is bob roop and this is sort of random all your matches so far in georgia championship wrestling have been you and matt borne But on april sixth. Or i'm sorry june fourth. You're going be an augusta georgia as pez and ray candy on one side. You and bob roop on the other. Is this win. Everything changed with matt borne just like that. That feels like to me. And i know oli. And and bob roop were freelance. Oli respected him That feels like matt has been let go. Yeah let's talk about that. I know that There's a lot of controversy surrounding his departure I guess it's not all that uncommon when when you talk about a guy who was polarizing his map but he is seemingly going to be finishing up best. I can tell your last match with him was on june first. Nineteen eighty-three in toledo ohio. And you guys get a win over. Pez and ray candy but just three days later. You have a new tag team partner and the day after that you're in the omni wrestling as a singles and you're going to be in singles for a while here. You will occasionally have a hodgepodge tag team partner but this feels like since you sort of teased. The road warrior thing at the top of the show. The road warriors are in the next month so this has got to be when sort of the for lack of a better word. The heat came down on the mat. Born fair to say well. There was a process with mad and we. Let's go back and capture this number one Matt moore settled in. He got with the company. The more of an asshole matt mckay. Okay and the best fistfight there. There's probably ever been in. The history of the business. Was brian blair and matt borne. I think it was charleston. West virginia in the hotel bar and i was a witness along with ivan coal off and i think flair and the most of the boys were there and it started over mad accusing brian hitting on the girl that matt was shot in the head on which was probably all bullshit but started out in the bar and it was a hell of a fight a got broke up spilled out into the lobby and it started up again. And i'm talking about in. I don't know if you've ever been in a fistfight. Conrad ninety seconds is a long time. Yes it got broke up again and it went out the front sliding doors into the parking lot and they started up again and matt went into to put his thumb into blair's i and i've in cola kicked his hand.

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