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He went from fourteen point two yards per reception down to nine point one last year, the lowest of his career. He went from fifty seven yards to thirty thirty two and a half yards per game. That's the lowest since his rookie ear here comes Jimmy Graham. He caught the past always tackled. And you want context context for those numbers. I just gave you where he dropped from fourteen yards reception tonight from from almost sixty yards to thirty two yards. He had an extra target last year. He was getting volume and that turned into eight, fewer receptions, four hundred fewer yards, catch percentage. Absolutely plummeted and years. The point I want to talk about for Jimmy Graham because we, I love Jimmy. Graham is it's unfortunate. These guys get older. They get injured and then it becomes time to move on for fantasy football. But everyone wants to talk about touchdowns Jimmy Gloria touchdown, a scene. Because last year he led the league in in targets inside the tenured sixteen targets that he turned into eight touchdowns. Let's take a look at what Green Bay has given the tight end position inside the ten, two thousand seventeen. We're talking six targets two thousand sixteen. We're talking five targets in two thousand fifty. Oh, Richard Rogers had a big one because he had ten targets inside the ten. Those touchdowns are not coming, and that's everything for Jimmy grim. If you are going in on Jimmy Graham, you're saying he's catching ten touchdowns because he can't do what he used to do was be a dominant force at the tight end position if thrown pig. Fifth round, pick that hurt you physically a fifth round pick for a guy that you're saying I'm I'm projecting ten plus touchdowns at the tight end position. And if unless that man's name is. Grunk you are doing your projections and yourself a disservice. Let me ask you this because I want to test how cold you Jimmy grant. Your might Jimmy Graham, Greg, Olsen. I think I know your answer golsen Jimmy, Graham, Evan Ingraham anger, Jimmy, Graham, Kyle here too, and grow..

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