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I just like i said before i think tom lowered it's been a dream of mine planning on a fo for so long uh whether i come out this year next year the year after that adan i'll know wanna come out but i think whenever that time does come uh i'd be so honored to play for any feed obvious um you know like a says been a dream mind i'll whoever put their trust in me on a lead the organization or just come in and do the best that i can i'm and i'm gonna do that and crime you might think let's just kind of my mind said uh and go on and go whenever i go on and that's how it should be sam darnell josh rose and by the way said i found his quote i'd rather be a lower pick at the right team than a higher pick at the world team with maine's i i wanna be a lower picket the giants rather than the higher pick with the browns but josh rosen i think he's trying to play this game that has been brought up a couple of times as it pertains to going professional in your job so if you're a college student and you're studying finance or you're studying econ or your stir your your your ear becoming a doctor or whatever it may be you have the choice of where you want to go work you go performer solicitor interview in front of all of these different companies and and some of it is based on the best place in in the country some of it is based on a location i rather work in florida were i'd rather work in salem for minnesota i want to be go to my hometown in minnesota you have the choice in most professional situations except for in sports you don't have the choice unless you force the choi ace now i understand that the playing in the national football league takes a lot of skill it takes a lot of of of of luck it takes a lot of great coaching it takes some physical maturation and takes all of these things coming together before you even get locked at to get to play in the national football league but then once you get to this point this point were josh rosen an and sam donald dr it becomes more about a crap shoot and sometimes it's you'd get a bad deal and you end up going.

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