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Way I have a copy of candies and I clicked on it and I warlord I thought it was don can you describe it is an old time photo wild west photo and it's like a guy with a gun I can't get my phone service has been terrible lately I don't know what's going on if everybody else is bad too because I just I'm trying to text you know in nineteen eighty two my family decided that they were going to go take one of these retro photographs we went to Alexandria the studio and we all had to put on old tiny clothes seriously everybody but my dad was super angry because this was his idea and that photo still exists somewhere of me and my two sisters and my mom has in turn of the century clothes and every time I see this photo it's a flash back in I get angry all over again because well he's like a bunch of cool cool birds yeah we look like dumb dumb since the school holds back all those memories but that's so funny that you would say that because I thought god there's actually photos of me all my god it's so funny it's like Wild Bill I just tweeted it out I just tweeted it out of everybody's search for Jason Matheson and you will see it it's so ironic that you bring this up because just last night I totally by coincidence I had no idea that this was going on I'd I discovered my senior photo what you should see yeah you should see my big here all my to see this huge share all yeah that's why Bill Hickok photo.

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