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Here and coming up in this hour we're going to take a moment to reflect on 2017 with a look at some of the biggest political stories of the year dominated by headlines about president trump his administration and a republicancontrolled congress but first return to the white house where president trump's administration has seen its fair share of staffing shakeups flynn served as the president's national security adviser for twenty four days until he was fired for failing to fully disclose his contacts with russia to the vice president the president announced wall street financier and political donor anthony scaramucci would take over as the new white house communications director omarosa matter gold newman was one of the few visible african americans of the trump administration the white house says that bannon and president trump have only spoken once sense he left the white house here the president started his morning by tweeting there's no chaos here in my white house and here we are yet again another chaotic day this hour we are going to be joined by mike adorning deputy white house team leader for bloomberg news and lauren duggan editorial director for bloomberg government than my me start with you because that less little soundbite we the played their talked about chaos at the white house in all of the comings and goings of staff people was it to normal or was that unusual well this is by no means a normal first turn first year of a first term for president they're always somewhat tumultuous but this one was about his tumultuous says it gets in terms of the internal white house staff in terms of the internal management by the president in terms of the president shifting directions and calling a lot of audible plays that said the ark of the year was somewhat normal and they finished up with uh one of the paramount goals of all republicans which is tax cuts sarah they they got sort of the main thing the party want so lower tax rates on corporations and on other americans let's go back to what we heard in that open as far as the shakeups with the staffing at the white house i like you said there's always some chaos but i wanna ask both you and lauren about this particular administration.

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