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And Norfolk state down to just two timeouts. Into the front court comes from a study pit flips the ball to Butler Butler around the screen dribble. Handoff. And then an offensive foul is called on Jordan Butler. He gave the hand off of the past to Nick Thomas. But then he had to just kind of slide over to the right ever so slightly banged into. I think it was Khalif Tate and that caused the foul to be called. Here's Tate in the frontcourt. Now to towns James at the top of the key fakes a three goes left wing. Leave throw it on the baseline that was intended for Dominic Robb. But Alex long knocks it into the Spartans bench seventeen to shoot three thirty two left. Khalil Tate will inbound. Standing right in front of the Norfolk. State bench will throw it into the back court caught by Hammond. Right back into the front court comes to towns. Here's James towns to the bucket. Nope. Extra pass to dump Dominic. Robb fourteen for that one got blocked. Got it back again. And then it gets stolen that comes with it. Now, he kicks it in the corner. Faking the three now at jumped passed to shave his Chaveas at three on the way that went off the iron. No, good rebound knocked away. And Butler's got it for Norfolk state. He'll go to the basket off the rim off the backboard and end for Jordan Butler. He's got a half dozen, and it's thirty eight thirty Norfolk state climbs with an eight under three minutes left in this opening half towns with it now to ham and in the corner Tate Khalid's to hoist three it's on the way off the iron. No good. And the rebound goes to Nick Thomas. Back. He comes into the front court Thomas. Thomas dotty pit throw it in the paint. Here's Butler mismatch there against Khalif tape. Couple of crab dribbles into the paint Butler kicks it back to Thomas. Dominic Robb out to get him. They'll stay that way. Six eight Dominic Robb against Thomas right-wing pit throw it on the baseline. Here's long with it. Trying to back down Marvin prochet, right hand floater is good. Alex long now with six Norfolk state hanging around. Here's Khalifa three. Keleaf Tate knew it all along. He's got nine first-half points. Niagara by nine must dotty pit with it. Now, one of the front court backing down the defender, flips it to us. Chavis will call Butler out to set the screen. It uses that screen back backpass now two Butler, left elbow jumper around and out. No good. All purple eagles underneath James towns. Where the rebound back. He comes into the front court crossover dribble nearly dribbled away. But picks up the handle James has it Khalif Tate just hoping he gets the past because Khalifa's feeling it. Here's towns along the baseline slams on the brakes up top to prochet now to Hammond, Marcus three on the way that went too strong overshot the ramp towns picks it up history off the iron. No, good Jordan Butler with the rebound towns had to hoist that one shot clock was at about six seconds back comes Norfolk state, Nick Thomas is three and that one is good. Eleven first-half points for Thomas. And Norfolk state has closed to within six Chris Barton at the scores table for Niagara. There are ten tired players on the floor right now. Sixty five seconds left is Hammond. Curls office screen picks up the dribble now to prochet. Throw it to the right Albo. Dominic Robb with it squares his shoulders towards the basket back past Tamar fakes three mar to the basket kicks it too, dumb four-footer. Yes. Dominic. Robb now is seven. Eight point lead for the purple eagles. Forty three thirty five pit now. Back to Thomas entry pass too long long back to Nick Thomas, thirty eight seconds left first-half, he'll pull up a three on the way by Thomas around and out. No, good rebound. Prochet back. He comes four second differential between shot clock and game clock. You wonder if Niagara might use their use it or lose it time out because they are winded to be sure. I think caro- coach Corrine Brown just ask coach case if he wanted to do that. And coach Casey said, no. Ten left to shoot..

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