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You're only as good as the people around you have always said that huge believer in that and that's what shows for sure for sure ron with matt benedetto a couple more more questions for you <hes> looking ahead at the rest of the schedule for the season any tracks catch your eye that you might have the best chance at yeah i mean i really wanna be minnesota weekend because that was a big one way at circled off and to try and sneak in the playoffs here before the cut off so that was another big disappointment but <hes> aside from that i would say darlington coming up is <hes> you know better track so the ones we have to seem to circle off <hes> where we can make a bigger bigger difference at as a team are the ones <hes> you know this year were having a let off the gas and and use the brake pedal and you know try with my feet is basically how i say we as a team could make a bigger difference with what we have and run better so <hes> the tracks with the five fifty horsepower the bigger racetracks <hes> anyway at this high downforce package is made it harder on us. <hes> you know some of the mile has such broad darlington is worn out enough to where we will have some of that off trauma time and we will be the handling and stuff to come into play where <hes> we you know we could have a shot there. Hopefully <hes> of course the roble his great one 'cause you're definitely driving with your feet there and then yeah and then martinsville another good one but you know the main priority right now is darlington. I'd love to sneak our way into the <hes> the playoffs and he missed that shot this weekend but <hes> those so basically the ones where we get to drive their feet up gas our strong suit the ones it's <hes> you know during your wide open all the way around and i had it makes it tougher for your driving ability and your team's ability to really show what we have and you're not taking this this weekend off either right yeah exactly we gonna be fun being road courses and driving with your feet get see right to drive the eighteen canine supra or or <hes> purdue gibbs racing which is gonna cost them road america's one of my favorite racetracks i've ever been to in my entire life so they just recently asked me if i'd be able to to hop in in and filling and drive that thing and of course you know before they even finish their sentence. I said yes so that's a really good way to spend my mouth. We can do to raise take place there. You go absolutely well. I'm i'm sure that you opened a lot of is this past weekend. <hes> you definitely <hes> made a an even bigger name for yourself and i really appreciate shaped you taking the time here on the final lap and good luck this weekend and of course at darlington matt to benedetto. Thanks very much for being on the program. Absolutely thanks for having me like us at at facebook dot com slash the final lap final weekly getting you ready for this weekend's race. Welcome back to.

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