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The coastal city of insurer the thomas fire hazard one hundred seventy three thousand acres and it's just fifteen percent contained jonathan bastion for member station casey rw w has more another night of fast moving winds pushed the thomas fire deeper into santa barbara county early this morning mandatory evacuation orders were given to residents in areas of carpenter at summerlin in modest sito more than four thousand firefighters were trying to contain the blaze which broke out on monday near the town of santa paula the flames are primarily moving across nearby mountainsides but in some cases have burnt low enough to impact structures airquality remain so poor in the region that schools and colleges of canceled classes the cause of the blaze is still under investigation for npr news i'm jonathan bastion in santa barbara alabama is just two days away from its special election but the gop remains deeply split over its senate candidate roy more and pierce colin wire has more richard shelby says more does not have his vote shelby told cnn's state of the union that the sexual misconduct allegations against more are two credible to dismiss their lot of smoke gotta be some fire somewhere so shelby says he wrote in and other republican candidate president trump however was not dissuaded by claims that more pursued sexual contact with teenage girls trump recorded robo call for the more campaign i need alabama to go vote for roy more it is so important but if more wins shelby said that may not be the end of the story the said it's going to have to wave roy more wins his fitness to serve in the us senate and that includes a possible ethics probe college wire npr news the us ambassador to the un says all women who accused some someone of sexual misconduct is to be listened to they should be heard and they should be dealt with and i think we heard from them prior to the election and i think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way they have every right to.

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