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Right into the intro music for the fantasy cops all right here. We go from first. One is from tim in myrtle beach. He says cheers or cheerio. Boris winston and david would be prime ministers. Kind of aussie accent there. Sorry prime ministers there we go. I play in a dynasty league. Where the last place team gets a very unique punishment. Every sunday during the next season from kickoff to the first from kickoff of the first game until halftime of the night game the loser has to wear whatever humiliating costume. The league chooses for him. If the person refuses the league votes and removes the fifth best player from their roster and they go into the waiver pool. If it happens a second time the fourth best players chosen and so on in five years. We've never had a refusal. Other than one exception. We gave for a funeral. Our commissioner was the big loser last year this past week. He was supposed to dress as a french made but he refused because he was meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time we voted and we want to remove the andre swift from his team. But he's crying. That swift is better than his fifth. Best player. He has keenan allen josh allen clyde edwards helaire and stefan digs. That we decided. We're ahead of the andre swift were raw. Were we wrong in our evaluation and even if we were should it matter. He refused the costume. So i think he should deal with the consequences and in return for settling this debate. What would you like us to make him wear this week. That's awesome okay. So he didn't dress up a french-made they took out his fifth best player. They deem that to be swift. And they put swift behind keenan allen josh allen c. h. And digs this is a dynasty league. Did they make the right decision. No who house last. I'm not sure it matters but deanery swift might be first second by digs. Whose fifth is it. Keenan allen by default josh allen by default i probably go dynasty league digs swift clyde those three for sure. Alan keenan josh jackson. So you think it's probably the best here that does what's was what does the dynasty trade charts say who's got the lowest value on that. That's what i use. I don't When you when you update it next. That's know. I think the bigger issue is if this girlfriend's parents that he's meeting if this is an important meeting that might impact the rest of his life as in he'd really thinks he might marry this girl then me i'm thinking an exception should be made however if he ends up breaking up with the girl then he needs to make amends for not wearing the costume and he should have to wear to costumes for breaking up with the girl in exchange. That would be that would be the rule that would make his fifth marriage and she dumps him. Then he gets the andrea swift beck or now but i think he should get an exception. Should get an exception for the week or at least for the meeting of the parents like in the morning when he's like you know doing a grocery shop thing though he's got to wear the french made it's we fourteen or thirteen. Maybe this email came in. This is not a surprise that you're going to have to wear something humiliating on sunday. You've had to wear something every sunday for the past three months. Yeah right with the parents on a sunday there you go so he's got to pretend to be sick. Call out understand. He says every sunday during the next seas. Okay yeah all right. So it's have you finished last last single sunday so right every sunday you know if your girlfriend loves you she wouldn't. She wouldn't make you meet her parents sunday during fantasy week. Fifteen i mean come on. I'm i'm just gonna say this and this is going to make me a bad fantasy manager. But i if i finished last in this league i might just quit the league. This is a great league. Might just quit the league. That's that sad integrity by the way. The cost of michel wears a.

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