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We make it a reality. Addressing climate change and welcoming immigrants and refugees. Biden will be the second Catholic American president ever atop Georgia Elections official is issuing a warning to those getting ready to participate in the two Senate runoff elections early next year. Don't Game our system. Georgia voting system Implementation manager Gabriel Sterling issued the blunt warning while addressing the runoff elections were control of the Senate is at stake. Democrats are growing increasingly impatient with the refusal of most Republicans to acknowledge Jill Biden as president. Elect Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen says Republican senators are hurting the nation with their silence. The biggest danger is undermining the confidence. The American people themselves or large numbers, the American people And the outcome. Of this election, Stan Holland says. Our enemy's air happy about what the GOP is doing. Investors are getting spooked by the rising number of coronavirus cases and some governors talking about putting restrictions on businesses again. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 317 points today. You're listening to the latest from NBC News radio. Former president Obama writes in his post presidency memoir that his election fueled Republican obstructionism and changed the GOP. Obama credits. Donald Trump were recognizing that the election of a black man to the White House triggered a deep seated panic, he writes. That is when Trump began pushing the Birther conspiracy theory. Ah, promised land is due out next week. Another world leader has been hospitalized with the covert 19 virus. Vladimir Zelinsky, the president of Ukraine, who became a household name in the United States last year, has now been hospitalized with covert. 19 Zelinsky confirmed he tested positive on Monday and first went home to recover but has now been hospitalized as a precaution. Three other top officials in Ukraine of also tested positive, including Zelinsky, its top aide, the finance minister and the Defense minister. I'm Bill's Emperor Melinda Gates says the foundation she started with her husband, Microsoft founder Bill Gates will spend $70 million to develop and distribute vaccines to low and middle income countries. The Gates Foundation will also commit 50 million more to the Kovacs advanced market commitment to help secure access of a covert 19 vaccine to 92 low and middle income nations. Ford Motor Company is revealing its 2022 e Transit Tiffany Chang with Ford says This is the first electric cargo van from a full line North American automaker and the only thing that has been in the market are very sense of startups. And once you choose is the 2022 e transit will be built in the United States at the Kansas City Assembly plant. It starts at $45,000 Emily Suzie Ah. Wisconsin Brewers celebrating the presidential election by introducing Biden beer to the world, Kirk banks that says it is inoffensive and not too bitter. Banks that owns medical brewing Company, which was threatened with a fine because of abiding for president signed that covered one side of his building. It was larger than the county allows.

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