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And everything and um i shall i i would not move down in car unnecessarily out of your wife's car into a into a six thousand dollar or five of our car initially a might end up doing that as we go along we'll see how it goes where you do for a living sir com operations manager okay and what does she do for a living the paper bag uh uh that she ever do any outside speaking for money on naro's in the wider her death of outer cuts uh the schauch speaking miami that she speak on sunday morning yes he does speak i'll be very do conde alka uh i mean i wonder if if the you know she might fail do some pulpit sale ends occasionally for somebody that was ill or on sabbatical or something in that congregation pair a little bit or maybe she works and evangelistic outreach tired little bit first speaking skills or maybe dot dot dot you do something i don't know i mean if you add ten fifteen thousand dollars a year to this equation of income and you guys tightened down your budget to nothing i mean nothing were you have no life because we're gonna clean this mess up you know you can clean up the whole thing in four years may be three but four for sure uh any clear posted an lagged really really really fast as a part of that equation i'm sorry though that credit card debt as a part of that equation really really fast but i caught him up.

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