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Do think though you have to draw a line in the sand somewhere avoid bringing a bunch of people together I don't believe that like big crowds kicking it on the sand and all that now if you just like a little family where they bring the kids you know to take care of the water meantime police cruised by in the parking lot on the bike path at Dockweiler state beach John verification acts ten seventy newsradio as southern Californians had back to work some people might get the idea that we've beaten this virus but it is still there it's really hard to stop viruses Dr Joseph Ladapo associate professor at UCLA's David Geffen school of medicine it's good to take precautions but it's also important to be realistic about the fact that you know that some people were going to test positive for Kobe and you need to prepare for that he says as places of business open back up people need to be extra vigilant on social distancing and face masks and keep in mind risk factors people who are younger you know really under fifty or so and healthy it's very very low risk but don't get the idea that corona viruses gone rob archer K. next in seventy two is ready as more and more Californians joined others across the country to protest shut downs and stay home waters during this pandemic they often find themselves unknowingly protest it right along side some radical extremist groups as extremist groups like the proud boys of the boogaloo boys joined crowds of people have concerns about the impact of restrictions designed to control the spread of covert nineteen there is a real danger when you have these groups that are on the fringes getting involved in the mainstream it often times has an effect we're it becomes a recruiting rabbit hole for them with people who may be our motion we vulnerable will be more likely to listen to misinformation when there's an opportunity to get together socially Brian Levin is the director for the center for the study of hate and extremism at cal state San Bernardino he thinks we have to be careful to not criticize people who have been impacted with their business or employment and have a right to ask government what is going on while at the same time making sure we separate them from the extremists David Roberts K. and extends seventy newsradio is being called cubes for a cure and it's a unique idea put forth by some young people in Virginia three Richmond Virginia high school students created an online Rubik's cube tournament to raise money for covert nineteen research Ryland Wilson wondered how can I do more than just sit here every day and sleep in which is fine but not very filling Jacob Lee hi this is something that we thought of that we thought could potentially make a big difference more than a hundred competitors from ten countries took part of the Rubik's cube competition proceeds were donated to an international health care organization helping with corona virus relief Jim chrysalis CBS news turning on Iraq on the ninety one freeway in Sir Rideau's we're gonna take a look at that and we're also going to give an update on what's going on on the Pomona freeway the ten freeway gunfire going along the freeway there's costs from a lot of smoke out there I will check that out for you know the rest of traffic in four minutes at six forty one with the.

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