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Deficit as well so this is really significant and and This money is this issue is not going to go away. This is why board in two thousand thirteen use. Some of those tools that act ten gave it to try and address. Some of these issues You know so I think this is something that's not going to go away. There's a lot of concern about this and wow, they were you know paying lip-service I suppose to all of the financial issues. They went ahead and continued rates expanding, and ultimately unanimously passed the budget that spends more than it says last year that establishes a fifteen dollars an hour, minimum wage, starting in January and a whole host of other things, including the first of that almost ninety million dollar referenda. Voters approved, and now as it turns out more than twenty five million dollars of that is going to salary increases that were approved last year before the referendum was even Kurt. So ninety million dollars I mean honestly Milwaukee. You deserve this because you voted in a ninety million dollar referendum for the for the most irresponsible governance of an education system in probably in the country, it least though in Wisconsin for as long as anybody can reasonably remember, and they sliced off twenty five million. Million dollars of that for salary increases, and it's not enough. It's not enough Ola because we're talking about when you add five hundred and fifteen million with three hundred million dollars. That's three quarters of a billion dollars. That's just going to stop for right now, plus on top of that almost two billion dollars unfunded pension liabilities I mean there isn't a referendum that is going to cover this and yet, but hey, you guys in Milwaukee you, you think eighteen percent proficiency is acceptable. What can we do about that? They're not much. We can do about that Ola. There's not much you know I'm kind of it's. It's meetings like these, and especially after you spend a couple of days, I have going through these audit reports and seeing how bad their fiscal picture has gotten especially over the last few years it's astonishing really, and let's not forget as well that they increased their their dollar commitment to the black lives matter political program that has been funded for the past couple of years to believe the amount was a little. Little Bit north of six hundred thousand dollars, so there's all kinds of very important things that the Milwaukee School. District is prioritizing. That have absolutely nothing to do with improving these pathetic performance scores on standardized testing in the in the school district. Well, thanks for coming on the program I appreciate. All you can do is tell people, and if they want to go to the polls and approve more dollars, and they're comfortable with the idea that their kids are functionally illiterate. Not Much anybody can do about that. Thanks for coming on the show Ola. Thank you for having me to have you? All I can conclude is that the citizens of Milwaukee don't give a blink. You don't care that your kids are stupid. You don't care that your kids are basically breathing in and out, and you have paid an enormous amount of money for the teachers and the school staff and the indoctrination to do not to do very little more than make sure your kids are in fact, breathing in and out. Because, they're not mastering English. Not Mastering Math, not mastering science. So. Yeah. And you're rewarding it. You are rewarding this. You love failure. You follow and failure. It's absolutely amazing to me. Why do people stay in cities I? Don't know because it seems like once. You've been there for a while. You get afflicted with the idiocy virus. Yes, everything is worse and we're paying more for it so. More of that. It's true in Milwaukee, it's true in Madison it's true in just about every city that has a significant number of people in it I'll take a quick break and be right back. On the back. Here yeah. His was talking about millions of dollars at the Milwaukee. School.

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