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Donald Sterling, Clippers, Kevin Durant discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ


The clippers are a team that play in Los Angeles. The clippers are a team that have Jerry West calling the shots. That's clippers our team that Doc Rivers who's a well liked coach who's a very successful. Coach the clippers are a team that has Steve Balmer is their owner. That's got deep pockets and his really aggressive and willing to spend to you and me, they're the clippers, but to somebody that didn't grow up here and somebody that hasn't been around for all of the Benoy Benjamin years the clippers are an opportunity and don't forget last week. We're having discussion about some words that Kevin Durant had to say about playing with LeBron toxic. He said it was talk. Now, how you interpret toxic. It depends on the individual. But the reality is that some of the aspects of that conversation. He was having their true. They are true even Kevin Durant can come to a team of the Bron James on it. And until the Brown James starts to cry. It's going to be in his shadow, and it's going to be about LeBron. And if you are K D as you pointed out a student Travis if you are Katie, and you are finished certain kind of way about how your move to Golden State certain kind of way. How you move to go to stay was perceived covered and viewed going to the clippers will erase all of that all of that. Because no one can say key that he's riding on anyone's coattails. He added L not with the clippers. You are the Taylor. Your the fabric maker, you the dry cleaners year. Now here everything you, I'm guessing cereal. I guess I'm not willing to take that chance. I guess I'm just not willing to take that chance. So I think like I look at it as if I with with him, and I think like that it's me, I'm not taking it. I I don't I can't if you told me to go to Boston. And in Doc Rivers was there. I've got a ball. Can't go to Boston. No. I'm saying if this is Austin. Yeah, we'll go to Boston with Doc Rivers before I will come to L A to the clippers because the clippers history tells you the history of his poisoned, your mom got. Yes. Oh my God. Yes. It's poison your mind. It's there they're not the clippers under Donald sterling there, the clippers under Steve Balmer, and it's an eye. There. They're sterling by no stretch of clippers are different. My point is they're going to get a real get a real rain bloated out understand that. And I got a chance to have a statue in front of the clippers arena a statue in front of the clippers arena. Yeah, you're saying as a statue in front of the Lakers arena. What would you rather be? Well, you may not get that Dutch in front of the Lakers arena because one LeBron's going to get. Because I was you start winning James word is still waiting for his does if you stay if you're coming here, and you're winning Iran. You ain't getting a statue before. Brought it doesn't check the box that Kevin Durant needs checked. And that is win a championship. As on your own beauty reason. It happened was rush. You know, what does check the box key. But the last man standing does..

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