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Two two five two two two is our phone number so yellow and so men responding to. Pictures, of women in the and. The dog pictures are mostly, women responding those correct No not at all Man yeah but if there's a dude anywhere in the? Photo, serving are. There. Yeah there's nothing nothing I put more no more likes than my dog l. really percent you ever put up a? Photo, of yourself topless Not really I, don't, think oh I don't. Think anything I think women don't respond the. Same way I think you might get some hits right up to any kinda use one of. Those filters Made really Absolutely No but I mean, people you follow the people that you want to see right in their. Instagram you wanna see them in their real. Life you wanna see what they, do how they spend their. Day that's why it's like when I follow people and it's all just sets in their. Lunch I'm, like. Yawn moving. On I want to see the people and see what they're. Doing but then it's, like, oh I go through my own account like so much a little girl makes me. Out I can't understand who would want to see Steph of media and stuff unless I'm doing something with. Somebody Doings up everybody's dying. To know what are you eat for lunch what does he like what are these questions all the time Why would? You like a peek into your house I. Like doing Instagram stories I do in the broadcast Picking up your dog pill like I, that I would really wanna on a video like like. Like I just wanna see you and your every. Day I'm gonna send you. A video of me picky Please send it to all of us post. That dog gold that's easy talk with no problem Humiliating. I can do that I don't know what else do, you do in your off time busy you're going from here at a podcast is show this, but what. Do you do like I don't know fold. Laundry or Dane see that eight hundred seems so bizarre. To me eight hundred two two five two two two is our phone number as I was sitting at the bottom of the hour we're gonna speak to attorney Mark Tate and his client. Chris Templeton who had been sexually abused a through his early teen years dating back to. One thousand nine hundred seventy. S another victim of the Catholic church. And its cover, up and man, I'm I'm wondering what what the attorney wants or. What Chris wants to be made, whole, it's, something, that, it, never, it's the. Gift that keeps. On giving we say it's it's it's a, it's, an injury and it. Stays with you forever get our number's eight hundred two two. Two. Five two two two Lawrence doctor. It's midday live the. Following is based on. A.

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