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In a bar. Why do i give a fuck i understand. There's the code of conduct on the nfl. He was set up to you know because they do that. They set you up. You know you might be the boffa other regions in some chick you know. Well whatever the case. I think that the nfl's me they too much into your life outside the fucking and of course so true just too much and the people. But i'm trying. But i'm still during the but why why should we care is my point. Why should i give a fuck if urban meyer. Because 'cause they tell us we care we see all day long all day long see seven hundred times. It goes viral people. I got care about this. Nobody but i'm gonna when i'm gonna throw it to you because this is a sports story ricky and you're one of our sports guys the other one sick at home you one of our sports guys. But i don't explain to me why. I mean the only intriguing part of the story. I'm going to ask a two parter intriguing. Part of the story is he's trying to really tank his career. I understand that. Then it's like okay now see. There's some kind of weird ingenious fucking playing. He's concocted okay. That's cool because worst gonna go back to college either. I just wasn't urban meyer. A huge college foggin coach. Yeah but like a huge name. That the fact that i even know who the fuck is. This takes off in a negative light. Nobody wants you. Well no i mean he was. He was he wasn't a winning coach is supposed to be about the integrity and reputation of the nfl. We don't do those things that that's the conscie- they're human beings have lives outside the fucking football and all kinds of shit. You go out there and you do that whatever to me. That's your fucking business. I don't i don't give a fuck. But also sports stars in general whether they're coaches or players do do stuff like this. I mean i grew up watching athletes and coaches inheriting be not bugging. You know not horn balls in. She never got a call saying no. No no what. I'm saying but going out there. And then she looked like she wasn't like saying no is my point so it's not like he raped a chick or he was like doing it and she was like no no it wasn't like doing a lap. Yeah pretty much allowed. It's a club. Did he owns as far as i know. He owns oriented part ownership in his club. It doesn't really say just as he would he really wasn't doing anything wrong is pretty much. What the article even says. It'll blow over i she. I think i think the video. I think like you said people now care by next week. No one's gonna give once they smell those rb suits ready looking for blown. Yeah i wanna fuck all. These were slated b. o. l. o. g. The next story hot button so meeting so this is another sports story in the world of. Ma's since i've been doing a lot more fun fighting in karate and everything. This story actually intriguing. Because i didn't know that this was actually like number one like this bare knuckle fighting. Ooh i didn't know how big it was. It's a little research before this can share mark owns bear. But that's the why would you get into a ring. Bare knuckle. fighting is different than wearing gloves. We're twelve ounce gloves. It's that still hurts them. Both so i know i'm not i've had my street fights and i had the box and blue but it's not the literally holy totally different and it's to me. That's not a sport when you're you're in there to your knuckles and you're fighting like old school foreign away. We're fighting in the bully. Ima fuck in the in the in the in the pit fight and you're beating chivas. Sport is people beaten on youtube. I forgot what they call them. What he's like he's not a treat by now back to Yeah he made it. He was born out. There is a difference because kim slice went from being streetfighter and then got drafted into the ufc by dana white. They brought him in because he was such literally. If you watch the videos he's kicking shit at. Wow he beat them. But when you actually put technique against st fucking fighting. It's two different worlds. Got his ass when he came says he didn't he didn't because he gassed. You have to get you i. I'm coming out like as a fighter. I'm trying to just lose weight by doing it. I enjoy doing that over and then going to the gym so doing karate angry. I joe shoes. I got sense as telling me. We're fine when we're doing great. But i get your league high enough to kick someone in lou. Your video overs though Don't fuck with me. I couldn't believe when i talked to my left leg. Kicks worst kids better than morale. Okay but anyway. That's the point. Me being awesome at martial arts can save that for another shape from the white. Bruce leaks in touch chuck nurse pretty much the same god. Now i'm doing my technique as opposed to just roy toughness and craziness that so. This story actually struck me. Because when i read it on my fucking horrendous and emanate fighter named justin thornton has died from brain and spinal injuries. He's obtaining a bare knuckle fighting championship match on august twentieth so from august twentieth when he got his ass kicked till now he was living like pretty much a vegetable because not only was paralysed. He was pretty much fucking just totally brain dead from the fight. The thirty year old was pummeled by his opponent dylan collector and knocked out in just seconds into the fight and thanks exactly. It's the point of the or the temple depending on what you can break pushing noses in the brain and everything you eat it as well He had been in the hospital since the bout and was paralyzed and just recently passed away a monday when i read the story and my first off what he's doing who signed up for bare knuckle. I know that that page van zandt check the beautiful hot one that was in the u. z. I don't know if you ever since blonde. He up the inside and was on the last pay per view. I saw that it takes a special breed of crazy. That's all. I'm saying if own out there who do it out game punched in the face with been Way different it's way global. These bad he begin hitting your body weight ribs bro. Yeah how was a rib. Hana exactly budget hooks. Come nice uppercut things like that. I was a street street fire. So i could break. I break you down. Most people go straight for the head but you hit hitting them legs. I'll be and them ribs and all that shit. Down to two places solar plexus right he shot the guy. Oh he's done he's done. You can get there. Yeah and had this other move where he would know. Joe and you've got your other special move the pistol whipple special. See that back a kill him. Hey kid really..

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