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Here are firm and then britain to ground john wolf and her family vacationing from utah watching in horror everybody everybody's her husband rushing towards the flaming wreckage people were yelling and people were running up the hill with fire extinguishers costa rican officials say the plane owned by nature air took off from punta easily to heading for the capital san jose when it crashed around twelve fifteen local time from above you can see the scorched woods where it came down the planes colorful tale some of the only recognizable debris costa rica's former president laura chinchilla tweeting that her cousin juan manuel retana was the pilot the state department now working to confirm whether there were any americans on board telling abc news we express our condolences to all those affected by this tragedy and tonight investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash tom marcy thank you now to president trump tonight celebrating new year's up moral lago the president facing major challenges a 2018 from democrats in the midterm elections two new reports about the russia investigation abc's david right isn't palm beach today the president mart new year's with a tweet including video highlights what a year it's been he said and we're just getting started together we are making america great again but two thousand eighteen brings new challenges for trump not least the midterm elections we need a republican in the house we need a republican in the senate we need more just today he tweeted why would smart voters water put democrats in congress in two thousand eighteen election when their policies will totally kill the great wealth created during the month since the election we can't afford to have a liberal democrat who is completely controlled by nancy pelosi and chuckyangho president trump is also hoping to make good on key campaign promises while the gop does control both houses including.

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