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Winning journalist don van Natta as he peels back the layers of this event including the lives of both Williams and Runnels to try to understand how the two found themselves in this breaking point and what rules says about tennis and society the first session about almost as backstory his in his history as an umpire what is that how would you characterize almost was only sixteen when he began working as a chair umpire one friend city focused he treated local satellite events as if they were the Wimbledon final Ron Lewis had an incredible will to succeed thirty two little girls a world away in Compton California Serena Williams are perhaps the greatest sports story your sister is not just one Tiger Woods and in the family two in a African American family in a predominately white sport this family came out of Compton and decided we're gonna take over tennis and we're going to win when you do come in only the dominant player in women's tennis one who was going to push the envelope through her fierce will to win no one singles titles at the US open heading into the two thousand eighteen okay the record there was an expectation that she was going to tie Margaret court's record of twenty four singles titles grand slam singles titles and everybody expected Serena was going to win going into the match.

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