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State. To put that number into perspective. In the last 10 years, we see an average of 500,000 acres burn in an entire year. Seven more deaths are being blamed on the Northern California wildfire Bring the total in that state to atleast 10 with 60. People unaccounted for. A week old blaze in California's Butte County is just 50% contained. President. Trump insist he was leading and not lying when he publicly downplayed the threat of the pandemic, while knowing that millions of Americans would get sick. Trump was referring to recorded comments during interviews with Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward. I want to show Level of confidence and I want to show Strength as a leader, and I want to show that our country is going to be fine one way or the other. The press briefing tonight, Trump said. It's China's fault that things turned out so badly more than 191,000 Americans have died from covert 19 since the pandemic took hold of the U. S. Six months ago. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says President Trump deceived the American people about the threat of covert 19 more than 30,000. New Yorkers have died from the disease or from NPR's Brian Man during the darkest early days of the pandemic, when New York City reeled under thousands of daily Corona virus cases. Cuomo gained a national profile with daily briefings followed by people across the U. S. Speaking to reporters on a conference call Thursday, Cuomo said Bob Woodward's new book proves President Trump misled Americans about the threat. It's the same fraud that he perpetrated when he stood up and said, This will be gone by Easter that it's going to Disappear as this miracle, Cuomo says some state leaders followed trumps lead by downplaying the threat. Trump says he minimized the deadly nature of the virus to avoid causing panic. Brian Man NPR news. The union representing Houston Police is denouncing the firings of four officers involved in a fatal shooting last April. Ah bystander video shows 27 year old Nicholas Chavez, pacing in the dark while being pelted with beanbags Taser and then shot from a distance as he picks up a teaser dropped by an officer. 24 bullets were fired at Chavez during the confrontation. The officers were responding to a call about the well being of a man with a history of mental health issues. This is NPR news. A new before from the World Wildlife Fund finds the world has lost more than two thirds of its animal bird fish, an amphibian populations in just the last 50 years. NPR's Nathan Rot reports that human activity is the primary cause. The decline is staggering. Wildlife populations plummeted 68% worldwide from 1972 2016, according to the World Wildlife Fund's bi annual report on the planet. And we humans have to shoulder the blame. Deforestation is the leading driver of population lost, the report says, mainly in the tropics. Climate change is a growing concern, and both problems are worsening. Report joins a long list of scientific studies and international reports warning that we are in the middle of an extinction crisis. The latest study, like many before, also says that the decline of the natural world is a threat to human life and that actions are needed fast. Nathan Rot NPR news. British actress Diana Rigg has died at the age of 80 to bring appeared in more than six dozen shows during a stage television and movie career dating back to the early 19 sixties. She had prominent roles and the Avengers and bond movies as well as Thie, HBO series game of Thrones. Wall Street stocks fell to extend losses for the week. The Dow Jones industrial average Temple 405 points, the NASDAQ lost 221 and the S and P 500 fell.

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