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When I have Pamela Adlon on good for a famous question. Okay. So prepare one, I'm ready and. I wanna thank Jordan. Thank you so much for being our engineer today. Thank you. This is a great conversation. Oh, yeah. You had a good time. I loved it. Well, so we had one fan from our conversation. And you know, what that's all I need. That's all I've ever needed. If I can make one person happy or laugh you've done it by what I'm doing. Yeah. You've made a different. I've I feel like I've won the day. So thank you for that. Sweet. And everyone here wolf for the auspices, by the way, again, stop by anytime here wolf on Sunset Boulevard just walk in second floor. No security, just tell him. I sent you. Have they taken you up on it? I waiting. Oh. So wait. For somebody Hannah Crichton the great booking individual who made today possible who brought us together fantastic. And Corey Levin and post and Sam Keefer for pop again for the final Kevin's pop quiz. And really say thank you from say. Hey, really, what's that? I'll say thank you from Sam, please really celebrates like a lunatic. Yeah. And I thank him for the people not what are the questions based on. Well, it's always the same three questions. It is. And they're silly. And they're meaningless. But I love that every single person. No exceptions takes very seriously. Right. Doesn't say wait a second. This is bullshit while we're doing it because if you were to stop and examine what's actually happening, right? Car. Weather's the weather in Carlsbad. I mean. Right. But I mean, you you are thinking there's an answer. There is an answer. And then the last one, Steve I mean, come on. It's very fun makes me happy. It's very part of white makes me happy so serious. Everyone takes which is great because I dialed into the conversation. Yeah. And haven't wasted the person's time and do people get them. All right. Yeah. Sure. Oh, you make damn sure of or because I control gresh to say, correct. There is light up. It's kind of magical, wait. So every answer that everybody gives his always, correct? Correct. That's not correct. There's been several occasions where I thought it would be fun to tell that particular guest. Nope. Oh, yeah. How'd that go over for great today? And they were like what's the answer? Right. Right. I thought this person needs to be torture. They're gonna joy being tortured. So I'm yeah. So I would say twenty seven percent. That's hilar-. Do not get every single one. Very funny. Yeah. Okay. Good to know. Thank you. So very much so fine. Excellent. All right. That's our show for today until next time and has always get outta my face get out of my face..

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