Lance Williams Aaron, Allie, Bruce Allin discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show


He was told that this is called alumni homecoming weekend and he said homecoming weekend they still don't they have that in college so he brought that up as well and you remember de Ngelo Williams Lance Williams Aaron find that sound right Allie soundbites yeah so so kyle has already latched onto the back that they've picked out the forty niners for their opponent for homecoming weekend Oh my God I didn't hear that part I play Kyle stuff right no no no Bruce Allin after Mike left yeah right yeah Mike would have done that I don't I don't think well actually I think the Angela Williams thing was with our a you know I know that Twain Haskins has a chip on a shoulder the chip on Kyle Shanahan shoulder is going to be about fifty pounds when he walks into downfield on Sunday right am I right yeah I've already mentioned this week that based on some of the people I know that would be familiar with the situation you a rival division rival.

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