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Moving people and technology forward. Ten 45 with rob wood fork. All right, the capitol is open the game in Ottawa with two power play goals from TJ oshie and Anthony mantha in the first period. They did not score again in a 5 two loss to the senators, so she's explanation. I feel like the first 20, we were chipping pucks with speed going on the four check and we were turning pucks over and even by the end of the first, I think we backed them up a little bit and were able to get some entries just by carrying the puck. And we were shooting. We were supporting each other and that kind of just went away. And maybe they tired us out or we got a little overconfident with the pucker or what it was, but definitely the two penalties by me hurt us, and then we just couldn't get back on our feet. ALCS game two, three outs from Houston taking a two O series lead. It is the Astros in front three to two. We were in the top of the 9th inning. All of the ASTRO scoring coming on in Alex Bregman home run all the way back in the third inning. On the college gridiron Virginia in front of Georgia Tech 16 to 9 in a pretty low scoring affair there late in the fourth quarter as Brennan Armstrong setting a school record with this 57th career touchdown pass, he also rushed for one and oh, by the way, gave wake forest. They were only touched down with a pick 6 in the first quarter. Lots of pick 6s on Thursday Night Football and it's been ugly this season on Thursday nights, by the way, for a different reason in Arizona though. The last two Thursday nighters combined to total 40 points between four teams, the cardinals and saints scored 42 in the first half alone. It is a 35 17 advantage for the Cardinals much of their scoring coming via two pick 6s in the second quarter thrown by Andy Dalton. He did throw two touchdowns, but three interceptions not gonna win you a lot of games. The Washington commander is trying to win a game Sunday. They'll do so probably without Johan Dodson, is he re aggravated his hamstring and practice today. Rob woodfork WTO sports

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