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With a look at the race for county Supervisor District three. Here's Coco's Jack Cronin with the special decision, 2020 report with tournaments now in place. The Board of Supervisors to be much different next year open seats for one of two Democrats in District one on one of two Republicans in District two. But District three has candidates from each party Republican Christian Gaspar up for reelection and Democrat Terra Lawson Remer will become the swing election this year. Deciding which side is more seats and controls things like the Health Department response to the pandemic Supervisor Gaspar My opponent has made it quite clear that she thinks we have new too quickly in the reopening of the San Diego economy, a priest keep in mind at this point in time. There are Sandiego still out of work. In fact, about a quarter of a million, Sandy again still are unemployed. That means they can't put food on the table. They can't afford to take care of their families and the people in her safety programs skyrocketed. We have close to a million people died be where their next meal is coming from. The only reporter is safely restore workforce. My pint congested in hell All of school reopens. We should have it given our businesses open and we need to find the right balance supervisor. Kristen Gaspar running against Terra Lawson Remer. I certainly would differ with Supervisor Gaspar my opponent as she was trying to reopen and rushed to reopen the economy back in May and reopen bars and restaurants away before I thought we were open for my plan. He should be prioritizing opening schools, opening childcare, you sports. This kind of thing's so young people before we're trying to rush to reopen the economy, So I certainly would take a different tact in our current supervisor. But as the board altogether I do think they've done you know a fairly good job. I, for one, will Definitely have prioritized certainly will prioritize a more of a science based approach that really tries to invest in scaling up contact, tracing and testing and I think if we had done that from the outset, I had more testing, we would be in a better shot Incoming Christian Gaspar and challenger Terra Lawson Remer running in the swing election for the county Board of Supervisors, District three. This decision, 2020 reports. I'm Jack Cronin cover news. President Trump is preparing for his last day of campaigning before Election Day. Mark MEREDITH has more from Fayetteville, North Carolina. President sure earned his frequent flier miles yesterday, making multiple stops in places like Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. And it was while he was campaigning down south of the president also made a direct appeal to black voters, hoping they'll focus on his work. The last four years. If you look at what we've done just.

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