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Christian political I've enjoyed Timothy way. I think to me the way is coming into his own this World Cup and he has a breakout tournament for him. Josh sergeant is that hybrid I mentioned to you. He's the one that can give you that physical presence, but also stretch the line and his intelligent enough with his movement. I think he's the most talented 9 in the pool. I go with him again. I know Haji got the start against England. I go back to the well which I sergeant and I think he could do something for me. But the big question mark for me is Weston McKinney. Okay, let me put it to you this way. Greg berhalter. Knowing what he knows, which is more than us, says nah, Weston's a 100% he's good to go. He's in your starting 11, correct? Or are you still going with the Costa? I like Acosta in this type of matchup. Let me throw this at you. But Weston seems to have actually looked better physically in the second game than the first. But western's a player that I know what I can get at them. And if you look physically better and you're thinking of physically, he's back in there. I know he missed that chance versus England. But he is that guy. Box the box contagious with his work rate gets everybody around him going technical soft and he gets on the end of things. He's got a knack for arriving late into the box, which is very valuable. So I would go with Weston. There is a huge question mark there for me. So it's a customer Weston, but I do not mind the cost of one bit in this game. There's a couple guys you've left on the bench. Maybe you can explain that easily. But I saw your face when you had to make the way up Brendan aronson decision. How tough was it for you to not necessarily? Yeah, not tough in this one because I think there's going to be a high line that he can. Okay. So not tough in that this one. But just in general, leaving Brendan nerds enough any list. Gives me the heebie jeebies. I don't like to do as bad juju. Gio Reynolds, a sub in this one. And an early sub. Okay. You've got to get him. I think there's a space for Georgia early in this game where the game is going to be transitioned into the game's going to be open and you start thinking to yourself and Jill rayna, he could take advantage of this, put him in the midfield, put him on a wing, put him wherever you want. Get him on the ball most importantly. And I think he could do something special. He's that player for me. But I don't know about starting them. If you've not really played him and I was starting them now, I mean, especially after everything Greg berhalter has said and everything that we have heard, the rumors going around. I think you get him out early. Last question based on the lineup you put out there. Who's taking your set pieces? Because now you got Kellen Acosta. Costas on the field over Christian political is that what you're asking? Yeah. It's killing the Costa. Really? Yeah, he's more consistent. Even though Biden was set pieces were much better second game. Well, that's because the bar was so low the first game. That's why they look better in a second, but kellan Acosta, when both players have been healthy, he would be the guy I go with. I think it's more consistent in a set piece delivery. All right, so we've seen hercs 11. Let's take a look then at the Group B standings and where everybody sits after two

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