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And I'm joined by the wonderful REI on Hello today on social media. We are talking about a few different stories one of them about a topic. That really never seems to die a franchise that is always out there, and they tell you they're making new games that have different topics, and it's just the same thing. It really is. Yeah. This is about Pokemon. And if you play the games, you know, you have your Pok Mon that you train, and then you battle against other Pokemon trainers and their Pok Mon. Well, this is not a game. They are making a movie, but not an animated movie. Now, it's it's different. It's scary. It's like would say it's live action. Like, it's real people and everything but in the Pokemon or like CGI. Yeah. And. I don't know what it is almost like they're making a distortion Pokemon universe and the Pokemon looked kind of lifelike, but like kind of scruffy looking. I mean, I thought that it was weird. Like, it's just very strange. I like it at all. Are you on does not like, hey? So I realize this is not a topic that is close to Iran's heart. You know, like me for some people out there. You might look at this trailer because the trailers out, and you should watch it. If you want to be frightened too like who will watch it and be very disappointed because they love Pok Mon. Yeah. It's not gonna there's gonna be no happy middle in this. You're gonna they're really like it really like poke him on more just not just be like why you might also. I mean, I could be wrong. You might think that they look cool. But it's so this is the movie is detective Pika chew. So if you've seen like the Pika chew with the -tective hat on and stuff, it's that style of Pika CHU. Yeah. But surprise pitches voiced by Ryan Reynolds that we should he still sapper weird in. He actually talks like in Pok Mon pitcher says Pika chew. But he like actually just talks normally. Yeah. And his trainer can understand him. That's why they like are together. And he's Pika. Choose a detective. So they solve a crime and is super weird. And why Ryan Reynolds, I don't know. I feel like they could have gotten anybody else anybody else. And also Pika CHU is like cute, like inroads voice is not that type of cute. It's not little animal cute. It's like deadpool. Yeah. Exactly. And I feel like maybe that's why they got him because he can play somebody that will bring numbers to the box office and even. Why? Yeah. But if you know anything about Pika chew, which I know very little I know enough because my nephew is a Pika chew fanatic. And that's not why I don't like I just never really did. I thought it was the stupidest concept, but sorry, I'll you pick. It you lovers out there. But yeah, rent his voice has it does not is one of those like when you hear somebody talking then you see their face, and you're like wait that doesn't match. Yeah. Oh, yeah. For sure exactly how it is this cute little animal and then Ryan rounds. It's just very strange to me. Yeah. And a lot of people think so I saw an article online a lot of people were very confused where the trailer not only because Ryan Reynolds voice. But also how some of the Pokemon look because they're so siegi. It's creepy. I think it's creepy. Yeah. Like, and there's like a mister mind character. Which is I already think is creepy looking Pok Mon. And now, it's even weirder in this movie. Also, the gigli puff is like furry, which I think is strange, but this should not be furry weird. And it looks angry. And it looks very strange to me. But there actually is an article that I read where they went really like deep down the rabbit hole of like this new Pika chew movie looks creepy..

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