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Reacted and then I gathered myself and there was one time where I was talking about something and then it went to somebody else came back to me and I go. I started to talk again. I no no no no no can't do it can't do it yeah talk Susie and Mike Tirico try to help you out a little bit they were sitting on either side and they put like a little comforting arm on your data ever try to comfort you a little bit while he's getting that choked up and then I asked Paulie to stay because I just thought you know what somebody outside side of this looking at it because polly didn't work on sportscenter but when he was there at ESPN so to have him kind of look at it and say hey what about this or he it was just another set of eyes and ears in was really a welcomed addition at the very end police. You guys you get ready to say something like at its announcement and then you fade the black like the sopranos and everybody went awesome because I said let's get don't stop believing by journey and play that too and we actually tried to do do that but we were we wanted it to fade to black and then just come up and say this is sportscenter and not everybody got it but that's okay but you know that was pauly's suggestion there that when you guys just do that and it was a nice. It was a Nice Day Nice night yeah point. The two things that really stuck out to me was after the town hall. I think maybe three thirty nine to noon. It's beautiful sunny. Dan Campus Sixty seven degrees. ESPN campuses gorgeous. It's built up so much we're standing behind behind the tent and it's me you the Danettes here comes Kennedy Maine and there's Mike to Rico boomer and then here comes Kevin the Gandhi and all these different anchors are walking up and and then a bunch of employees like producer types of walking up to you now have gray hair now but you still recognize faces and they're coming up and hugging you like high school reunion field behind the tent and then Jimmy Protrero the president is ESPN's just hanging Chit Chat with all the people and and the PR people are standing there and people were just lined up to come and give you a hug new good to see and you're like Oh my God God that was really cool because it felt like natural not forced in any way and then the other highlight for me like you said I never worked on sportscenter and never got to work with you and Keith to see you and when Keith get back into your roles within five seconds of walking in that room we're in Scott van pelt production room. He's got this big room. He's got some great producers Stanford Steve. Is there there and you in case that next to each other and I sat behind you purposely to stay out of the way but also to eavesdrop basically and you and Keith are just kinda jabbing each other Jabeen Ebon the highlights a key psycho the cardinals shocker they want you know and then you're like well and and you went right back into routine like those twenty two years got compressed into nothing and this is fascinating you guys are running the room casually and it was really cool for me to see how you and Keith play off each other totally different personalities totally different styles and then when you guys you guys kept poking and laughing and poking and laughing and I had to take pictures of it 'cause it was so cool yeah. It was natural but that's what they said well. How do we set it up so it's like it was for you and Keith and I said we re we didn't talk that much during the night writing sportscenter but but then we go put on makeup on in the bathroom and then we would catch up for like ten minutes and then we'd go do the show because we never wanted to show our cards he was going to try to entertain me was going to try to entertain him because there's no studio audience? You just have camera people there. Those are the people trying to make laugh and it was it. It was fun that way to be able to do that but some great people up there I miss him but it'll be from afar amish you yes it is crazy how watching you guys do the the eleven o'clock sportscenter and hearing it like Paul said it immediately took you right back and it was kind of like like Oh yeah. That's what this is supposed to sound like. This is exactly what it was supposed to be. It's what we all remember and even like I'm sitting there with my wife and I were both smiling ear to ear for ninety minutes because they're like this. This is what is this is what it's supposed to be it was it was really great. Yeah and I appreciate the opportunity and I didn't know I needed it as much as I did until I it was I was riding home and I didn't have the music on it was just quiet in it's never quiet because I used to leave. ESPN and I would recall pauly's machine at at work and I would leave a message for him and it would be two minutes of me talking up to the vocals on a song like just to kill time time is fifty five minutes for me to drive home and I had no sound on on the radio at all I just drove home thinking and letting it sink in home and I'm not supposed to drink beer I got home and had a beer and and I was in the basement by myself the TV's not on. I just sat there and I went wow. I don't know what just happen. Glad it did and we move on. We move on your apple. One of the highlights was also van Pelt was pretty giddy because you know he was the big conduit of this. He's got this great late night. Show he goes. Let's go upstairs. Let's go upstairs when you and Keith Fergus. I got onset around nine thirty PM on Friday night to take a little piece and he goes. Let's go upstairs and take a picture behind him use. I'm going to walk up and I'm going to give point wait for the back of their heads. Because you get a picture then we run out on my Scottish. You're set you don't sneak around and so van pelt gets behind you. You didn't even know he was there and he gives us look like look who's here and he posted it. He said GonNa be a big show tonight and he tweeted that out like at ten o'clock and the reaction was like this is happening. This is cool and it was really cool to see how just blossom naturally by the way I recruited Van Pelt to come. ESPN like I was I wanted to create a dynasty there. I wanted the best talent there. I didn't care if if they were in competition I wanted van pelt to leave the golf channel. I was begging him. I said you are so much better than what you're doing at the golf channel and then he finally relinquished and came up there and and he's a really talented guy. Let me just the the the one big thing that he did at the end of the show. It's it's really good and that shouldn't get lost in. You know what we did or who we are. What we meant to sports center? There are a lot of talented people there but van peasy is really good at what he does on that show really is and I just WanNa thank him for his generosity because he needed to be all in for this to to work all right when we come back more phone calls best and worst of the weekend we will also talk to Kirk herbstreit curious about what if Michigan lost that game the army does. USC HAVE A quarterback here. 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We have a double header on ESPN and there's not much better than that starting gough the Houston Texans at the New Orleans saints with the saints being a seven point favorite at seven ten eastern kickoff on ESPN just followed by the Denver broncos knows at the Oakland Raiders Denver broncos being a one point favorite at ten twenty pm eastern kick on ESPN guys. It's time to make I bet CSI DOT com year betting partner new members get one hundred percent bonus cash. All they have to do is use our one on one. It's only game and so you bet that double phone calls. I'm thinking of maybe going to the Alabama South Carolina Gay whereas at South Carolina Oh it's a fun town Columbia yeah some good food. Can we find out what the spread is because didn't Nick Sabin get upset with the fans left here is this is a long back and forth with Nick Sabin. Can I play this now. Okay so Alabama roughed up. Who did they rough up? mcneese state or somebody New Mexico New Mexico New Mexico state they roughed up here is the Alabama head coach on the strength of schedule for Alabama you think this kind of level of competition can get you ready for an SEC game a week later well look. I've talked about this this before I so we try to schedule the best teams that we can schedule and we're trying to do that in the future as well but we we have to we can only play the people who are willing to play us. I I've said my opinion about playing twelve world power five schools. That's what I would rather do so but a lot of people don't agree with that. I'd rather play Tennessee Games and then play to other power power five schools so all the Games are exciting for the fans. All the Games are good football. You wouldn't have to go undefeated to get in the playoffs because you play a more quality schedule Joe. I've been through and covered that ground a hundred times so do I think we can get bettering games like this I do if you approach the the game right and you practice the right way and you prepare and you have the right focus and you play to your standard. You can get better playing anybody. Would I rather play other teams. No disrespect a New Mexico state. Their coach works hard their players played hard but if it's my philosophy that we should play twelve power five absolutely I'd say the answer to that would be yes but that's a philosophical answer and that's not the way it is I so I I don't know why you would ask me that question as is if I could do something about it when I can't do anything about it so we're playing the best teams that we can get the place. Why don't you start call around and see if you can get somebody else to play us and we'll play? We'll play anybody you can get to play him once you get the tap on the podium then you know you're you're in trouble. You can hear the tap here now. WHO's get when do they schedule? New Mexico state probably probably three years.

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