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Komo AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours. So just finished up talking with the state patrol about conditions around the area. And we don't have any collisions or blocking trouble-spots things are moving. Very well. Of course, we have very low volume right now I five northbound though, we do have the lane reductions for the weekend Boeing access road as you're headed north into Seattle all the way to pine street and highway ninety nine southbound between the battery street tunnel in the west Seattle bridge that's going to be closed through the weekend for some roadwork. As well. Your next report at one four by Mike conkland, KOMO news. Hi, everybody are October weekend is here, and it is going to be fantastic. We're going to hang onto loads of risk guy insent shine after the patchy morning fog, temperatures, initially in the forties. So rather chilly at first, but eventually back into the sixties to near seventy here in western Washington. More of the same deep into next week. In fact, no rain in sight until at least next weekend. In the KOMO weather center. I'm meteorologist, Shannon O'Donnell. Now, your KOMO consumer tip. Here's herb Weisbaum. Sometimes we can learn from other's mistakes. A consumer reports survey found that eighteen percent of its members who filed an insurance claim last year after hurricane Harvey Irma or the California wildfires were under insured that can be a serious problem. When your house is a total loss. Kevin Brian is president of the northwest insurance council. It actually happened surly frequently in as many as three out of five homes. They find out after a loss that they don't have enough insurance to rebuild it through the cost of building materials labor rather than ensuring for the actual cash value. The amount of would cost. Replace the house, minus depreciation you may want to consider full replacement coverage era couple of kinds one is called extended replacement cost which is a certain percentage above your policy limit. And then there's guaranteed replacement costs, which covers rebuilding your home..

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