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Would Dan Weiss just minutes away. Right now, we welcome in San Antonio. I news national correspondent Michael Bauer. The latest on the president his Texas and is former White House counsel start with the Texas. It looks like says here that the Democrats laid us move is escalating on getting the I didn't know you could get any higher than where they're already at and trying to get those things. There was this whole belief that was going on Charlie last week when you had the Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin say that they weren't gonna turn over President Trump's six years of taxes that they were looking to get they weren't gonna turn that over the IRS of supported that element. There was a shot that it looked like House Ways, and means chairman Richard Neal would actually go to court directly right dead in order to fight that. But he held off number standing that. If he were issue a subpoena. The White House is already fighting off five other house subpoenas right now. And that this would be another move there in but after consulting with his counsel as well as the options that were vailable to him. He issued a subpoena on Friday to the secretary of the treasury and IRS for those six years of tax returns and gave them until this upcoming Friday may seventeenth at five PM to produce the records. And if they don't and he's not expecting that. They will then he's gonna go white after them in court, which probably means more like Monday rather than five and five thirty. But you never know he may have things set up and ready to go prior to that five PM deadline, and this is all as Democrats are pushing here. Try to get information to find out if the president of the United States has abused our tax laws, and or on some level, maybe getting monies from elsewhere that would be financial conflicts of interest would just be kind of silly. Wouldn't it? I think so. Okay. So let's say you get all of that. Then what happens then, then where do you go from there because outside of legitimately highlighting some of this money that may be coming in from foreign countries that the president made decisions on that's a long stretch to go just for trying to look at this information here, and there's a very good chance. You look at all this information. And if the president is right. They were being nothing in that information. It would all be boring, and and really in perceptible as far as what kind of information the public would need to know about. What's the latest found the President Mr Mcgann a bit of a conflict you had Friday. The White House. Corey reports on Friday the White House had requested former White House counsel, Don Mcgann publicly state that President Trump didn't obstruct Justice was one of two or three different times at the White House was trying to get Don Mcgann to make the statement. And again through his lawyers, Don Mcgann declined to make that statement. He had a reason for it through his lawyers indicated listen, you had the attorney general William bar already concluded there was insufficient evidence to accuse of criminal structures. So there's no reason for him to. Back off and make any other statements when the attorney general the.

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