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Affect our speaking fees. I mean that you can't do any big. I assume that's how she makes your money right going. And speaking of wards she wins big awards. You know those might come with money. She doesn't know going to go to college. He never went to high school now. Arts and you know good for her. That's going to be as can be really enlightening. I'll probably be watching. Took off to tape it. But you're right. Maybe it'll maybe tucker left to have a little live looking was the best one as before appointing the conference she literally came out and said. Oh I believe he raped you however Donald Ray twenty people saw them go. I have to vote for Johnson's There's a few of those Lisa Bloom. The Guy who founded politico and other guy said that yeah. I'd probably did it but he's better than trump. But you know what I don't want it to be too damaging because I don't want him to have to even this revelation that he was unmasking. General Flynn. He get caught ally Stephanopoulos. He's ended up to his eyeballs. It's a huge scandal. I don't want it to be so huge. That Biden has to step down or Biden gets taken away in handcuffs. Because I want the trump by debates. I want that's going to be the most entertaining thing of the summer. The hell was sports. You really think baseball is going to be as entertaining as trump versus by no chance now. Nobody likes baseball anyway. So unlikable I true is one thing. Nobody's getting football. That's all they care about and talks about like are the Red Sox GonNa play because I really want to insulate run up. So you're right. I think it doesn't matter it's too late to save the E. I forget it. It's all did you see dale's ratings wall and it's it's the worst I've ever had and I don't think they're going to get any better anytime soon. There's no twitter. My problem my cherry. Who Do you ale deal? Pob My twitter block chair. He was the first person to block my new account. When I got back on got a royal but it turned out to be Dale because I retweeted him going to royal's restaurant and I said that It it's amazing that somebody was such low ratings can afford to eat out at such an expensive restaurant But it's just like it doesn't matter he's the perfect example of like you don't have to produce anything and you will stay on the air so long as you don't piss off a transgender activist right right well. I don't know how much longer let's go last put Good luck to. They'll be that guy in Pennsylvania by the way probably never find his body the guy who called the transgender woman Sir Large Griffin R. I P rest in peace Marty Griffin but I turn a boy to appearances this week. You Oh that's right and we get Alex to call today. We're hoping Alex Micon check in but I don't think he wants to play. He doesn't he doesn't like you. That's pretty clear. But that's okay. We do a good job on the blog. This week's interesting stuff. Keep up with turtle boy at TV. Daily News Dot Com. You can fall into two. But he's chrome issue. I don't know who is going to be. But you're going to see a profile encouraged what's going to be a profile. In courage turtle boys going to write about some small business person or maybe a few who opened up against the will against the orders of a tyrannical governor on Monday. I can't wait to see it. I hope it's a hope it's my friend. The Haircut Opens Mike the Haircut because I need.

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