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There's even a Berlin set openning which actually features the fall of the Berlin Wall, and I'm incredibly credibly perplexed as to why that decision was made outside of maybe just because the very cinematic -ly on trend at the moment because there is this contrast of very specific historical circumstances. There's the code will there's espionage in the Middle East and also area at one point Husted Seidel up to Nazis hiding out in Syria, but there's no meaningful connection made between any of those things and it just makes you feel like why? Why said it was the point of sending in Sasha specific. Historical setting because otherwise this film is just filled with sorrow, many familiar tropes and it is completely generic. It could be anytime anyplace it could be in deep space and it wouldn't really make that much difference. Ari is the placid unflappable cool kind of spy who has a tragic backstory, whether he had a child killed in an accident, and then quickly followed by an anguish, divorce, and that trauma hardly surfaces except for the fact that he'll physically wince at the site or mention of children. Paul from that, there's no no other emotion that and with perfect timing. He comes across the puck, radiance American photojournalist played by Olivia Thirlby who he valiantly rescues from danger q. romantic, subplots, Ariza Olivia. Toby, I think, gives the most energy and the Merced personality to this whole film, but I still really struggled to see her character's anything more than just a disposable porn. As for the narrative. And that I think can be said for pretty much any female character in this film, the plot is just kind of needlessly meandering. Their sudden tons at the film doesn't actually spend the time to explain there is some reliable double crossing which you always need a spy film. But the film has been so predictable up to that point that you just know the double crossing is coming, which kind of takes the fun out of it. And I think the violence is brutal brutal violence hit, but not really with any dramatic effect. And I think that's partially because the action isn't really given room to breathe, feels very truncated in a bit fumbling, and it feels very frustrating because I think that initial premise seem so intriguing that it doesn't even begin to meaningfully explorer it, which is a shame. Wow. Sorry? No, don't we want to hold a job? Is. NFL Anthony, like much. I live with OB was very, very good. Yeah, I did struggle outside of that. It's such a shame as well with it being Joan. Hart's lost. Yeah, last pieces. Well, but it's just such is such a small role is only two or three things by John's. He's not really going to do. Okay. Damascus cover that. We got some other correspondences come in for. Mission impossible on mama. Mia, I thank you to Assif Ahmed from combo in Cambridgeshire the action mission. Impossible. Six is on relenting for two and a half our film. It's extremely brisk pace like a Disney foam where songs have been replaced with action scenes on the whole, the practical effects and son to what we'd otherwise be CGI cluster bomb, taking away from the immersion in suspense director. Christopher recording crews. Take us on, although the action was well choreographed. I felt that we'd entered an ITO of one short over Hearst, fight scenes as per John wick and felt that this film could have benefited from slightly quick editing in the fight scenes which are believe we'd have helped with the joke review of the fight scenes that are moments of over exposition, which took me out of the movie as well as their being a few too many endings, but not to the point that I didn't enjoy the phone call in, oh, this is the epitome of summer blockbusters his Disney movie. Dear Karmiel mayo stunned ins would rip and rollercoaster ride new mission. Impossible is Tom Cruise is a lunatic. But as you rightly said, last week, think of the common who had to film his stunts skydiving scene is a thing of breathtaking greasy and the men's toilet sequence makes early born films look like a spot on Loveland. This could be one of the best action movies ever made with lots of delightful twist with a well-paced script. Relentless sensational auction on each rounded, carnage affiliate volved..

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