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Jason I know we're asking you about a lot of quarterbacks. But we this Carson Wentz situation against Nick foles with the eagles. This is fascinating. Because foles do about twenty million dollars next year. He's now saved Phillies bacon twice in a row. We're what are your thoughts on Wednesday getting injured every year and Nick full somehow getting hot late in the season back to back seasons? Well, you got to pick your hats, Nick, foles and the way he approaches the game, and you know, had success win the Super Bowl had to go back to being a backup. And you know, it's, but you gotta give them credit. I mean, the guys always ready to go and sometimes backup quarterbacks when they come in. You know, they get called in the first or second quarter of a game they play well. But then there's teams prepare for them in. You'll start the next week. They kind of exposed and foles is not that guy. I think a lot of money here in Philadelphia or somebody make a trade or or they're gonna go. And he he goes to somebody else against them seems out. Probably one that I'm I'm sitting city of right now that would love to have Nicole. Hey, Jason, we've got thirty seconds. Gimme your Super Bowl pick. I know we've got a long way to go here in the playoffs. Whatever what team. Do you like the Cowboys coming out of NFC who do you like give me a pig? We got thirty seconds. Who do you go into the Super Bowl? Oh, man. So early early early. Definitely I like, I really like Olin's. I do I like the Orleans every through that Superdome. And it's very very difficult place to play for the NFC. And in the AFC got my take I'm crazy. But I've never I never bet against Radi. Jay, jay. It's like watching Sables you watch every year on time L for Christmas vacation, though, the ending. I've seen his movie wage many times smart man, Jason Taylor hall of Famer. Joy what you say because I don't know what to talking about. And we love working with our fest one. You know, it fits you guys bring her in part of the family. But if you tell her I'm not gonna answer my phone. Jason Taylor everybody. Former Miami Dolphins. Great Jason great New Year's talk to you next week shade. It. Yeah. Jason Taylor smart man loves him. That patriot lazy and. Pick. The patriots are lazy can't trust. Nobody in the AFC. It's not Brady. This you anybody? But Brady I keep an eye on the Baltimore Ravens. That's my sleeper. Just the way they play keep the ball and and defend patriots defense stinks. Dan, Patrick show. Fox Sports radio coming up at the start of next hour here on the Dan Patrick show, the college football bowl system stinks. Nobody's watching the games. Imagine the home you've always known sinking into oblivion community of our way of Virginia island population. Four hundred sixty is being swallowed by the Chesapeake Bay the first full fledged town that's probably going to get lost sea level rise in America can disaster be stopped..

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