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We don't ask or talk about his with Maine's for me. Nobody cares. You suck your center, you're bound for hell, and you want to go there. So we don't care what it means for you. We do care though. Would it meets? We do care. What it means? Now what it means for you? Okay. But here's what I think it means when I think it means is why in the world would we divide ourselves and hold ourselves prisoner to the things of this temporary world when at now that we are believers we have been given direct access. To essentially the things of forever to the things that are undefeated in all of the cosmos. Not just won the last election or one the Nielsen's last night. But like real power like let's make Mars power like real power. Why would we settle for less? You wanna see a Lucius Louis? Great lines, which is a little bit like saying one of my favorite pieces of Hershey chocolate. You've had a bad piece of Hershey's chocolate naming. Hey here, here's a trivia concrete if contest Ireland open up the phone lines, bad CS Lewis lines go that's gonna be a tough contest to win. Okay. But one of my maybe a better way of saying one of my favorite CS. Lewis lines aim for heaven. You will get earth thrown in aim for earth. You will get neither that's a little bit of what Paul is more masterfully saying right here, and he is talking to a church at his coming apart because of these kinds of divisions meeting. He's not saying Paul is arguing. This is an argument. This is a debate. He argues debates all throughout his letters and all throughout is a pistols. He is not saying not to argue into debate. If I am confident that if he were sitting right here today with Todd I he would not say, oh, I'm not telling you not to debate Solis script or the majesty area. I'm not telling you not to debate that I'm telling you to actually debate that rather than debating how much bourbon should it can I have and not be as center torquing center, the waltz which dance can I not do? He would tell you. That's the debate. He would tell you. You're not having that debate. You're debating stupid crap have the debate that actually determines the future of civilizations. And human souls, not the debates that often determine how whether you feel pretty about yourself and your particular way of life this week. That's the debates we typically have. Well, there's a little bit of I think what was it to to who said what has Athens to do with the Jerusalem. I think there's a little bit of that in hit. Not that like, and I think that's argument..

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