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Some platforms like Robin Hood side of a battle between investors and short sellers. You're listening to ABC News. Hey, Forman. Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's News. 93.1 KFBK, one of California's biggest teachers unions, is asking Governor Newsome to speed up the vaccination process and get the shots. Two teachers next California Teachers Association president Tito Be, Boyd says his union wants a safe reopening process. Tensions between the Indian and Sikh communities and Davis are heating up over a statue. Mahatma Gandhi said she was gift to the city of Davis from the Indian government in 2016, however, earlier in the week the statue was toppled from its base. Officials were still investigating. Why did start she was vandalized when it was first installed some members of the Sikh community protests and its presence, saying Gandhi was a racist and molested his teenage grannies. Limited Pliny. The younger beer release is already sold out A rep with Russian River Brewing Company says the triple I P A. Which is on Lee, available in ball form this year. Sold out in five minutes. I'm er well, Balon. Sacramento traffic from the KFBK traffic center. Some long term work on our freeways that's going to be on the connector ramp from South found five north bound 99 on the shoulder. Also shoulder work on South Bound 99 per mill Burger wrote to Alcorn Boulevard. Work continues on the Del Paso rode over crossing over I five shoulder work. Also east and westbound Highway 50. Eldorado County between El Dorado Road in Missouri. Flat road overnight. One way control traffic area Vista Bridge North Front Street to the junction of Highway 1 60 until 7 a.m. and reduce lanes, both East. And westbound. I 80 from the West El Camino Avenue over crossing to Reed Avenue through 5 A.m. traffic every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather Or today will see clouds and breaks of sunshine highs in the mid 50 used to near 60 Tonight..

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