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The floor you don't have kyrenia and jaylen and got raghunath away from them on the flagging you actually exactly you people box out you don't have isaiah just sitting back there waiting to get young identified as vehement there's more rebounds to grab the celtics got outrebounded in about no over more than twothirds of the games last year and it seemed like al horford some games was the only guy who was boxing anybody out now granted he wasn't getting the re it's the kevin love thing kevin love used to get a ton of boards would minnesota because he he was getting uncontested rebound yeah al horford was trying to box out there is no one else grab rebound so used to grab ever rebound yeah that's what i'm saying about horford that's what horford should have done last year that's what i'm saying ira here's what i would say yeah oh that's all you offered sucks i've never said horford sucks i think is overpaid that's all i think he's overpaid now he's having a very nice start to the year i think is being overstated how nice would start but he's having a very nice start to the year and a bare minimum he's improved from last year when people were complaining about him which to me makes the complaints about him ballot last season i don't go and you you compare them to evan turner which is no no no no no direct straight know are you said you said the market dictate of what he made so he is a max player i'm just telling you the market also dictate of whatever dirt or god so i i would it make that argument okay so how many max players are there in the league to you at him i don't know fifteen but there's 30 teams yup and each team gets to use the act that means there's probably about guys who are over paid as a max player and horford one of them yes i agree with that means he's still max player definition no it means teams overpaid him plenty of teams overpay evan turner by your definition is an eighteen million a day of your player he's not he's overpaid.

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