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To close his mind before they can continue, though Harry approaching sounds and has to abruptly end the conversation he hides under the cloak just as filch enters shouting approval for webbing approval for whipping. I can do it at last shit. My guy exiting installing the clo- Kerry heads towards the diversion that masked his subterfuge in fines. Like the night of trae Lonnie sacking feels like the entire school watching umbrage is facing down Fred, George. So you think it amusing to turn a school corridor into a swamp. Do you pretty amusing? Yes. At Fred, looking back at her without the slightest sign of fear. Filch is torture erection throbbing for all to see. I've got the form and I've got the whips waiting. Let me do it now. Mr. and MRs Martinez will see you. Now shut stood are billions fans. Billions on bridge tells the twins that they're about to find out what happens to wrongdoers inter school, but they have other ideas. You know what's at Fred. I don't think we are turned suicide George, Fred, I think we've outgrown fulltime education. Yeah. I've been feeling that way myself said George lightly time to test our towns in the real world direction as Fred, definitely. So Georgia before bridge could say a word they raise their ones occupy brooms the twins, spent seven years using their cunning in their guile to break rules and learn more about the castle, the maybe anyone, but the marauders they've shared the wealth, not literally with Lee Jordan as they promised. But you know, figuratively, the wealth of their discoveries, giving Harry the map, bringing treats to Griffin tower, selling headless hats and other inventions. And they've also in many ways, largely operated in the shadows. Remember much of their mischief-making as possible because of literal, seek. Pass. It is now here there's no more reason to hide that craftiness, no more reason to stay at Hogwarts at all. In fact, their brooms one still trailing. The iron peg that nailed it to umbrage is wall hurdle toward them, Fred, and Georgia icons not only because of their hilarity though. Certainly that too, but also because of their heart, they're unapologetic pursuit of what they believe in. They maybe an unconventional one, but they are an example to all of us guided by a desire to protect their loved ones end to pursue their passions fully. They mount their brooms. They.

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